Miyavi playing Taylor guitars

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@xXxxCuteAngelxxXx STrong Miyavi VS kreva

i’m kinda new to miyabi, can you tell me some really good songs that he did?


That’s how he fell in love with his TAYLOR T5

he totally revolutionized the style. love this guy!

“miyavi” 0:06 :D

The girl in me squees at this looks, the die-hard musician in me has a sheer gasim about this guitarmanship!!!! It’s like he transmutates to be part of the guitar. I’ve yet to hear a guitarist with his style

his english is good so proud of him T-T

je t’aime <3

@MusicFlows098 Oh my gosh, thanks SO much for that advice!!! I am so glad they aren’t way super expensive like I thought they would be!

@XDAmaterasuXD Good! But buy the tickets from the House of Blues Chicago website, or you will end up paying an unfair price. I almost bought the tickets for 62 dollars! Then I found out on the website that they are only 20 somethin! I was ssoooo glad that I didn’t buy the expensive tickets >.<

@MusicFlows098 I do live in michigan!! And thanks for telling me!! I am gonna try my best to go, I really hope I can!! :)

@XDAmaterasuXD I live in michigan! Do you? You can still go to his concert I hope you know, if you don’t mind a 3 to 4 hour drive :) He’s gonna be in chicago in october! I’m going :) are you?


@Shawdiee oh, yeah. he was pretty androgynous back then!

I kinda miss him looking like that actually..

@CountessKitty18 XD Have you seen some of his pics back in his DLQ days? When I showed those to my friends before they thought he was a girl haha

I am so bawling my eyes out!! I wish Miyavi would perform in Detroit area!! The universe is unfair!

Miyavi’s a fucking GENIUS!!!

miyavi is god

@SinbadDHock is it?

Never understood how someone could mistake him for a woman anyway, haha. i just don’t see it personally.

@CountessKitty18 ok , that’s … akward >_<

@SinbadDHock male


that’s a male or a female? !

eh? he was here? damn, missed it

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