Mel Gibson’s Love Song (Jon Lajoie)

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A love song by Mel Gibson. For more info on why I wrote this song, read this:

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my heart is on fire like a burning cross XD still gets me everytime haha

its not supposed to be taken serious its a comedy song

Some of Jon’s videos are hilarious. But this one just wasn’t funny.

‘i love you as much as i hate other races’ hahah omg

Sounds like the magnetic fields.

im sorry if i sounded offensive i didnt mean to
i usually say black but some people say that is racist, so im sorry if i offended you

Mel needs to make Apocalypto 2

Pure genius. Anyone want to do this one at karaoke night with me?

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You shut up dick i’am laughing Jon’s hilarious
ps: calling someone a homosexual because you don’t like there comment is extremely childish and a dick thing to do go back to middle school.

wow way to be a hater of canada and african americans in one comment

@Hazlenuts1991 shut up fag and just laugh!

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I like Mel Gibson! He’s great :)

@manahmanah84 Exactly. Hate Comments just mean “HEY I’M JEALOUS”. Its so easy to hate. Come on people relax.

I love the ammount of hate comments you’re getting, lajoie! It only means you are hitting a nerve. well done.

I love the ammount of hate comments you’re getting, lajoie! It only means you are hitting a nerve. well done.

I’d forgive him.

an ode to hypocrisy

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