Mel Gibson calls Niko Bellic

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I guess these two are pretty close.
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god damnitt roman!

This may help you lose some weight lmao

This may help you lose some weight lmao.

@CandyBuddha ok maybe some other time then

@xxJoeDog93xx uhh… lethal weapon maybe, but the other ones, nah

@HeyLookItsAdam what about Lethal Weapon, Mad Max, Air America, Payback, Ransom, Edge of Darkness. Those are all great films.

? #Liberty ? #Libertad ? #Freiheit ? ?? ?

@xxJoeDog93xx Your a fan of his..? buddy your like the only one… the patriot.. the passion.. BraveHeart.. All terrible.

@HeyLookItsAdam I’m a Mel Gibson fan. Just because I like him doesn’t mean I condone everything he does. I think he is a great actor and he is a very traditional guy & unfortunately he has run into some trouble in his life & he has fallen through the cracks & he needs some help.



I have that very sam suit in my game. Don’t you ever hang up on me. *Starts breathing heavily*


This is funny!! More of these please!

@ChrisX23PS3Cool I Watch RWJ. And have seens 07 . look at my channel. I Just didn’t think it really fit here and didn’t think of him.

@lolzz19 Nope ;) .I know what that phrase means :) .Watch RWJ’s GET A JOB episode and you’ll figure out.

rofl sorry man didnt know what time it was (YOUR A PAIN IN MY ASS!!!)

@ChrisX23PS3Cool You think guys from Poland are dumbasses?

isnt mel the drunk guy in the comrades bar? lol

press 2 to hear TIGER

@s1yfoxx whats up man?


….. mel gibson presents: Rooster Teeth: Rage quit….

niko u pushed mel gibson’s buttons and now have all of scotland after u

@Chopofiev ROTF LMAO… this made me die laughing XD

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