Mediterranean Sundance – Al Di Meola

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Add &fmt=18 to the end of the URL for high good quality. The song Mediterranean Sundance from Al Di Meola’s album Elegant Gypsy, released in 1977 by Columbia Records. Acoustic guitar: Al Di Meola Acoustic guitar: Paco de Lucia

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Still have my old Al, Paco, and Mahavishnu cassette – hope it doesn’t break any time soon.

@blackbolt66a It is a variation of “Rio Ancho” by Paco de Lucia off his album “Entres Dos Aguas”

The story at the time about this song is pretty cool if it’s true. Al & Paco sat down in the studio and recorded this in one (1!) take. They simply aren’t human.

@Steve128967 ok, the “can u help me” was a joke, i just ran out of room to put in the ” lol ” i’ll look around here and c if i can find that song. it had so much emotion in it , i just never forgot it.

@Steve128967 i bought an al di meola c.d. around 1990 but i dont remember which one it was. i don’t remember the name of the song. i didn’t even remember the guys name till just recently. but i never forgot the haunting melody and somber….. energy of that song. and no, i don’t even know how to describe it. when i heard it, it sort of made me feel like he was in a church, a big one with very high ceilings, and of course he was singing in italian, so i don’t even know the lyrics. can u help me?

this is one of my all time favorite cds from al. this guy could play a flamingo guitar like nobodys business. i saw him in denver co in 2 thousand and he came out after the show to sign stuff and he did indeed sign my copy of elegant gypsy. he is a gifted player if ever there was was one

chi รจ che fischia al minuto 5:08?

@nostaligic Al Dimeola is a Jazz fusion player, but this song in particular (hell even the album) takes more roots from latin jazz. As proof, the accompanying guitarist is Paco de Lucia a flamenco guitarist of some fame.

Heard this live today!!!!!!! he even signed autographs afterwords :O

Just asking
This should be classified as Jazz Fusion Right?
I’m planning to use this in a presentation so I just wanna make sure

Fantastic stuff

I first heard Mr. di Meola in the late 70s and fell immediately in love with his playing. While I love traditional flamenco, I’ve always been attracted to nuevo flamenco to see how the music is evolving. I especially love that di Meola pays tribute to the roots of his music while still exploring its limits. I have come to believe that music like di Meola’s, Paco Pena, Pepe Romero and, of course, Paco de Lucia is too subtle in its nuances for Americans who rely on gimmicks and fads in music.

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It is this level of musical benightedness that erodes the credibility of the entire youtube forum, being that a great percentage of posts on youtube are similar in nature…

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