Mayday Parade – You Be The Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground… (Acoustic Cover)

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Tabs: Mayday Parade. Sorry guys, I’m sick :/ So it is not the greatest, but I wanted to put a video up. :) This one goes out to an awesome friend of mine Haley. :) Check out my band: (Even though the songs on our myspace are old and not too fantastic!” Add us ! :D LISTEN UP RHODE ISLAND – If you’re in the Rhode Island area and seeking for lessons in guitar, piano, bass guitar, and drums, my buddy Jordan from Sparks Will Fly teaches with the Peckham Hollow School of Music. Hit him up!
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This is beautiful (: Your SICK? omg it sounds amazing, cuz in that album the guy that used to be in mayday parade kinda had a funky voice (In a good way) but this is awesome! DUde its amazing, and your so cute <3 hheee hee

The patten I followed while watching this video.

One Second In: Guitar Is out of tune..

Three Seconds In: Subscribed.

Dream man ?

*listening to cover* Did he just say ansWers?! With the W sound?! lol. :)

Damn .. You’re voice is amazing . I’d love to have someone with a voice as amazing as yours sing to me ! <3
I’m in love :D

first note. I was inlove with your voice and talent. WHOA.

you’re amazing! <3

Oh man… you can sing! :D

Amazing voice :)

You’re ahmazing. Dear lord. I have goosebumps. c:

Good man, you’ll get all the birds if you keep up your singing and guitar (Y)

your voice is absolutely amazing. live it up, dude, <3.

omg he’s like a christofer drew like no lie really great<3

ur good due :D awesome cover

This is a really good cover. I absolutely love this song. You’re very talented.

a cute guy, who can play the guitar, And sing. Dang. wish you lived close to me ._.

What’s the strum pattern v.v

Oh lorddd!! <3

Amazing. n_n And u r pretty.

Beautiful! My favourite song, and you just made me love it even more!<3

Your voice is love…haha <3 (“:

I am in love with your voice. Just thought I’d let you know haha keep singing. Youve got talent.

@queerduck321 actually when i first put that comment i wasn’t trying to start anything and, your right i mean i don’t have bad assumptions about you (i don’t know if i worded that right) i don’t even know you so lets just get back to our lives.

@anjelandnasiensmusic age is just a number, and so saying that I’m going to be the bigger man and say look man, I couldn’t care what you did/do/are/etc, all i was doing is correcting your assumptions of me.

@queerduck321 Hey dumb-ass if you didn’t notice im older than you and, so did i that’s where i started my grandpa owned a music store i grew up with guitars i grew up with very talented musicians so i would drop it right there son because your not gonna win.

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