Matt Heafy Trivium at Dean Guitars Namm 2008

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Matt Heafy of Trivium at Dean Guitars Namm 2008. Matt meets a huge fan with one of his limted edition white Razorbacks. Dean Tv films Matt signing the boys guitar

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OMFG If you’re interviewing someone you should NOT do all the talking…
Let Matt talk please!!

Dude….its bad enough she didnt let them talk but also when they did talk you couldnt even hear what they siad >:(

ugly annoying bitch

Who let that bitch loose?

its funny cause she was the crazy bitch on rock of love… no wonder they dont want to talk to her.

would you like some ranch on your salad dressing..fucking moron go back to rock of love


0:32 they are obviously talking about her jugs

She is not a chick… -_-

Entombed is Black Metal? I missed the memo…

That kid with the Dean seemed cool. Good for him.

haha matt looks so bored

for this situation
matts dean would make and excellent murder weapon *hint

Ha poor kid & Matt, I would so cut her out of the photo ;)

duhh i was in a band blah blah blah and i have red hair nag nag try to sound like a have something to say blah blah blah please go away no one cares.

So let me get this straight, that kid was there to meet Matt and get his guitar signed?

That fucking bitch interviewing them needs to fuck off. Ruined a few minutes that the kid could have spent talking to his idol.

she’s fucken hot

that kid kept saying yeah to try and close the conversation but she wouldn’t shut up

bret shouldve held on to her so she wouldnt bother us

WHAT THE FUCK, THAT’S LACEY FROM ROCK OF LOVE 0_0. Or whatever the fuck her name is. But seriously, wtf?

stupid bitch shut the fuuuuuuuuck uuup!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is Dean hiring these stupid whores?

She doesn’t know how to interview a damn person. She keeps talking about her damn self. SHUT UP!


omg that bitch needs to fuck up hahahahaha so akward

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