Mark Knopfler Talking about the electric guitar

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BBC interview about the story oof the guitar an one of (my personal) its heroes
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damn sexy!!!
(i’m talking bout the guitar!)

Wow that fender seems long, when i take it in hands it seems like a toy. It’s weird feeling when you play guitar after bass guitar

This guy has the best guitars in the world, some were built only for him but when he plays on this 54 Strat, he looks like a young boy !

1954 – The first year of the Strat.

@Ibanez2570P Your so lucky, I’d have gave anything to have seen those two

sculpture beauty !!!

awesome guy awesome guitarist awesome singer songwriter class !!!!

@buster52 sometimes yes

i shoulda learned
the play on thata geetar

this is pretty sweet. is he using a PICK?

Great guitar player and great musicman…………..very good


No other guitarist has inpired me more. As a singer/songwriter I find myself searching for an inspirational moment. mark is a great human…

he has so much talent and is so humble. I saw Dire Straits and a saw him on tour with Clapton, 2 of my highlights.

“Knopfler I might have known you would be involved in this rock and roll boy.” haha

the sound of that strat is just amazing!

@srvfan454 He’s so down-to-earth and seemingly humble.

You can tell that he really LOVE his guitars with all his heart. And god hi is making great music. Hoping for another europe tour

me too

Awesome, I love anything with Knopfler in it! I love hearing him just talk informally like this

Ahh..fkn brilliant,thanx for posting this.


I don’t particularly like his music but as a guitarist I think he’s one of the best. Never out to show off, just to enjoy the sound. And he can really play when he wants to.

No, but once a generation or so, you get a handful of innovators. Mark was one of them. It is fair, I think, to say that there are not many that play to Mark’s standard. He, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimmy Hendrix, Clapton, Michael Hedges, there are a few of them, but not many when you consider the thousands and thousands of good guitarists. These guys really gave back with new techniques and sounds that we simply didn’t hear before they arrived. And they do it with such ease and beauty.

for me too :)

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