Maneli Jamal – Javun (2010)

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TABS Available at Javun in Persian means to be young. I wrote this in dedication to my childhood in Germany. It was truly a great childhood. I also named my other guitar Javun because of its ability to transport me to the land of the free (mentally). Still haven’t named this guitar yet, her time will come :) Proud to announce that I am now a endorser for Cole Clark Guitars, they are truly an all around great guitar and sound SICK plugged in. Cole Clark YouTube Channel: This song is played on a Cole Clark FL2AC and is recorded with both a Rode NT4 mic plus the Face Brace sensor inside the guitar for a natural acoustic sound. Check those beauties out! Featuring 14 original compositions, Maneli Jamal’s new CD ‘The Ziur Movement’ is now available on the youtube channel and iTunes!!
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@JacobDMusic Yeah they are written above the tabs.

I know you have “tabs” out, but do you sell like real sheet music?

@xXPTRAYXx Thank you thank you!

@doaflip15 Sometimes 6 months. Sometimes 2 years. Sometimes…. I still have songs that aren’t completed yet from way back.

@m74d3 Thanks a lot! Glad you enjoyed it :)


2:22 AAAHHHHH AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! standing ovation for you!!!

Tremendous songwriting….. 4 people actually dislike this? What the Hell? How is that even possible.

This is just…..amazing…*tear* :)

I was just wondering, how long does it take you to practice and individual song and get it perfect to record for your channel?

What the hell man? You’re remarkably talented. I can’t remember the last time I was this impressed with someone’s ability. I consider myself decent at guitar, but seeing this makes me feel like I’ve never even touched the instrument.

Lovely song!

@jmac0623 Cole Clark FL2AC

@RatioOfTime1 :)

@Starmast3r Thanks!

@faraznikzad Haha good one!

@paperthickmusic No problemo!

@evolution182 This one is Queensland Maple and Spruce top. Sounds more like mahogany though.

@HolfoDePutaMadre Thats awesome! Hope you find one that works for you.

Hey Maneli! Love your work! …I was just wondering though, what kind of guitar is it you use?

@maneli Thanks so much Maneli. All the best and I look forward to working on some of your tunes.

@RatioOfTime1 I do all the transcribing myself and guarantee it to be as accurate as possible!

Hello Maneli, I’m a huge fan. Do you transcribe your own tunes? I am interested in learning Javun but have been disappointed lately in some transcriptions I’ve bought. Just curious if they’re completely accurate? Thanks so much!

:: Wow!!! Thats incredible!! ::

callin him excellent would be an insult to how good he is haha inspiring for sure..

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