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Go behind closed doors in the Les Paul division of Gibson guitar manufacturing. Factory Floor: Electric Guitar : THU OCTOBER 30 8P et/pt :
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@DeathMagneticX3 haha xD

@KrossPoison1 Well at least you’d say thanks :)

@DeathMagneticX3 No actually, I’d say “No sorry, I have 3 ESPs and 2 tanglewoods which do me more than enough. Thanks though”

@KrossPoison1 I would say all of the great guitarists that play Gibson cancel that out though. Jimmy Page, Alex Lifeson, Zakk Wylde, Slash, Brent Hinds and Bill Kehlier from Mastodon, James Hetfield has some Gibsons. Who cares if a crap band use them anyway. You’re telling me if Gibson apporached you with a guitar, perfect for you, absolutely flawless, you’d turn it down and say “No sorry. The Jonas Brothers use your brand therefore I can never play them.” ?

@paultaters me too

@KrossPoison1 ok well… then that makes more sense rofl XD

@OdeToBlood24 I genuinly don’t like them that much anyway xD I prefer tanglewood

PRS 57 08 Possibly one of the Best?

Oh man that fatass is fuckin’ stupid.

@KrossPoison1 Who gives a fuck who plays gibson there are pussies that play every guitar brand. Just fucking ignore it & go on w. your buisness. Don’t let sum fucking panzy ass boy band ruin your image on a good guitar brand, and most importantly and American one! I like supporting american companies as long as they produce good shit.

@JustSomeRandomNewb is that tiny difference in sound worth paying an extra $1500?A guitar’s parts cost what to the factory? $100? $200?Even when you factor in labour costs you end up paying $500-$1000 for the logo on the peghead.If I had the inclination to spend big bucks I’d rather pay a luthier $5000 to make me a guitar to my specs,rather than bump up the profit margin of Gibson or Fender.


If you are familiar with the componement that a guitar is made up of, you should know these have tolerances. When you make 5 the same guitars, with the same parts, the will sound slightly different. The extent of this diference depends on the price of the conponement. Gibson, fender use conponement with a tolerence of (im not sure tho) 2%, where yamaha, … uses components with a tolerence of 5% or 15%. with ibanez it varys how much the guitar costs.

@GuitarzMyThing don’t get me wrong i do love them though!

I cringed when he just pounded the tune-o-matic pins in ._.

@Jackiesstash08 Maybe where you live, but for the sound you get out of a beauty they name a Les Paul, its worth it.

Gibson are overpriced.

The animation video showing a signal path from the guitar’s pick-up traveling to the amp in a Les Paul is wrong in this video…

The output is actually wired to the three way switch and each pick-up is wired to a side on the three way switch…I mod guitars and this is how the gibson LP is wired.


I don’t think that any guitar is overpriced. I think that people buy a guitar because it sounds nice and they like the feel. I like the weight and shape of a les paul and its sound. It may cost more than some other guitars to get one, but I would be willing to pay for that. It’s consumer demand.

I want that string winder!


I’m guessing you’ve never played anything other than Gibson cuz you’ve got a hard on for Slash then?

There are other brands of guitars. I dislike Gibson because I’m partly sick of hearing it’s the best fucking thing. I disagree. And I’ve played multiple Gibsons, several times in my life. I just prefer something more comfortable, nicer and with a different sound. Just cuz I’m not a trendy who won’t try other brands of guitars doesn’t mean I’m judging without experience.


I am guessing you have never played one for more then 5 mins then?

@JustSomeRandomNewb True,but with my Yamahas,some of which I’ve had over 20 years I’ve never had a problem.The way I see it is,I’d rather buy 3 or 4 decent sounding cheaper guitars that cover all my playing styles than one overpriced name guitar.I like to tinker with different wirings and push-pull pots etc,and since I now understand the workings of electrics,I find it even harder to understand the obsession with high end guitars.I can understand custom made guitars,but not factory made ones.

@codmod812 Because Fender once created ONLY amps and no guitars, and Gibson amps are lame

@laiosto Nice.
I sell guitars myself, and i can tell you, another thing that makes certain brands so much more expencive, is the durebility of the parts. I myself own an ibanez Universe 7string, and i know that soundwise a lot of guitars half the price (its round 3.500 dollars) easily match this, but when i’m playing live with my band, i know i can trust it to keep working, even after you spilled beer on its electronics, you dropped it, and so on, where as you cant do this with a cheaper guitar

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