MacGyver theme song, solo acoustic guitar

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This is my solo-guitar arrangement of the “MacGyver” Television show theme song. Check out my other videos for other guitar performances. Thanks for watching.

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1.190 ppl didn’t have duct tape for their homemade nuclear lazer

you see that guitar? its actually made out of twigs and strings covered with cardboard to tribute the song

1,190 jealous people;)

Te felicito! exelente! las tablaturas si las pasas seria una buena obra de caridad! :) saludos

You just stirred my childhood memories. The sly evil Murdoch smile at the end of the vid topped it off nicely.


Sounds pretty close!! Great job!! :) <3

i cried listeninin to this :’D

Awesome! Do you happen to have the sheet music for this? And how about Eau d’Leo?

You are the real GUITAR HERO!!!





i need the sheet music to this for the guitar!

love it. I am on episode 104 of 139 on Netflix

adrianholovaty looks like macgyver.

Awesome man ! Excellent version !


i like your gypsy jazz guitar! the zero fret is a nice touch, is it a django signature model? if so, try the martin silk and steel strings….nice……but…

who cares!

keep it up! the he man theme next!

the guitar did a pretty good solo lol


Yeah! I love it!


NO WAY! haha I love it!

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