“M” Melodies of Life FFIX

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As a starter of this new year 2011, i re-made Melodies of Life Final Fantacy IX for you. Copyright: 2000 Square Enix Co., Ltd. Composed by Nobuo Uematsu Arranged by Nobuyuki Hirakura & lonlonjp Guitar: Masaru Matano Luthier Concierto Guitarras Clase M-10 Japon Ano 1978 borrowed from…

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2 dislike ? hope is just a missclick

You are amazing!
5 stars :)
Gives me the “butterflies” on my belly!!!

You are amazing!
5 stars :)

that was beautiful :)

I cried when i listened this video

This rendition is lovely. =) <3

This song makes me feel better, :)

i am just thinking about it now^^

Hey lonlon! You are AMAZING! I’ve been listening and watching your video from more than 2 years now! =D
Anyway, can you re-make eyes on me? That’s my favourite Final Fantasy song….

This would be an amazing song to have by a campfire. I am going to go all out to learn this.

pls the tab …..I love this song

@isaypwnsj00 Pretty sure the sheet music for this game is/was available.

yeah it finally came up!

@isaypwnsj00 lonlon doesnt give tabs or sheet music. you can check his channel and go to his lil bio if you want to make sure

hi lonlonjp,
i know you don’t release tabs

so can you release the sheet music you composed? i don’t read tabs either, just sheet music. if not then that’s ok ^-^ i just wanted to know

c’est vraiment magnifique comme mélodie, realy wonderful song

actually yes, you add this to your playlist and hit “repeat playlist” obviously you’ll add just this song so it will loop it :)

This is truly wonderful… I wish I could play as clear as this! Hearing this warms up my heart.

Is there an auto replay button here at youtube? :D

You inspired me to learn to play better the guitar to be able to play this Song.
Now thanks to you im able to do it.

Promise i’ll record it so you can listen what i’m capable now :D

Muchas gracias.

Sebastian From argentina

do you have the Theme of Beatrix? i love that music please make 1

what a soothing and beautiful arrangement and you play it so well. I always get goosebumps when i listen to this.

you should try feeling in my heart from ff7 , i tried to figure it out the other day but it was confusing

@Onimyst most people say this is the worst one in the series via its unrealistic characters, me i enjoy all the games they all have good and bad points about them, but each game has there own twist in the FF gameplay what makes them unique

you have to teach me!!!!!!! lol, awesome as always

@entelin VII and IV are overrated (but awesome)… I haven’t really gotten far into 6. FFIX is the best game by far, in my opinion. You can’t just claim it’s regarded as the worst in the series without anything backing up your point.

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