Lux Aeterna – Requiem For A Dream

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New Album: – I could never understand the message of this film. It’s either: DON’T do drugs! You will lose your arm! or DO drugs! You will date girls like Jennifer Connelly! AEBEBE with a capo on the 4th fret, covering all but the 6th string Filmed on a Canon 7D. Recorded with Logic.
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im going to wet myself when / if we get these tabs

7 ppl managed to resist the goosebumps

@dugesisthename123 She was driven to that by the show and her obsession to be perfect.

@Ldawg16 her obsession was actually with diet pills..(aka speed)

Que Pasión <3

Meisterhaft auf ganzer Linie. Great!

just wow!

@GordonWG1 its not that it wasnt cleanly struck. It was the capo that made the buzz cant fault the guitarist here =)

The message of that movie was showing how drugs can affect people in different ways not only drugs but other mentally harmful things. I mean look at the mother she ended up that way because of her obsession with the show.

those hands remind of left 4 dead but awsome

Hmm.. Left 4 Dead!

@k24lord yeah, porn in heaven! i wish i had that talent!!!!

SO gooooD i’Like …

AMAZING!!! can i borrow your fingers….plzzzzz….haha..very nice..i used this as my ringtone for my phone…hahaha…

Thankful that a guitar found its way into your hands!

Throw tabs please … please! =)))

amazing has a new definition.
Hes not asian?!
7 dislikes? Sungha jung and his parents. Igor and his wife and his parents :D


it’s great dude)


i love this version, who can help me by givin’ me tha tab :)

@GordonWG1 You mean the RIGHT hand.

I’m not a musician, but even I know it’s very common for a guitarist to have ALL the nails on their left hand long, to allow the strings to be plucked, rather than strummed – especially Spanish and classical musicians.
Hate think how many chards were being used but the top string was really bugging me towards the end, the way it wasn’t cleanly struck..

This is Epic.

@ziom0987654321 ty so much

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