Line 6 Spider Jam Guitar Amplifier

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Line 6 Spider Jam Guitar Amplifier

  • 12 amp models
  • Seven Smart Control Effects
  • 400 presets
  • Guitar, Mic, Aux, CD/MP3 inputs
  • 12 inch Celestion Speaker with 2 inch Tweeter

The Line 6 Spider Jam is the ideal tool for any level of artist who wants to perfect their jammin’ skills.Over 100 Endless Jams using real audio tracks from real-life LA session players, making the experience like playing alongside a pro band, not ju

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List Price: $ 829.99

Price: $ 399.00

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Review by Carlos for Line 6 Spider Jam Guitar Amplifier
Wow! As an owner of the Fender G-dec, the Line 6 spider jam was the next evolution. I had been waiting for the ship date of the spider jam for some time and I was not disappointed! The backing tracks sound great, the artist created presets are awesome, and the drum tracks sound very professional! The features of this amp are great and most of all fun. Line 6 has a reputation for absolutely awesome sounding guitar amps and the spider jam is no exception. The hours really fly by when you’re having fun and I really have given my guitars lots of playing time but is that not the point? Line 6 has really outdone itself and I cant say enough about the Spider Jam! Try one, you won’t be sorry!!!

Review by Pete Sanders for Line 6 Spider Jam Guitar Amplifier
This amp is the greatest guitar practice amp of all time. It has dozens of back-up bands in different styles you can jam over. You can switch the tempo and key on these songs. What a great way to practice improvising with different styles/keys/scales. You can also record other songs into it and record and loop your own playing. It has all the amp models and effects in Line 6′s other amps.

Killer product.

Review by J. Adair for Line 6 Spider Jam Guitar Amplifier
Have other musicians ever flaked out on a practice? Have you ever wanted to take a jam session in a slightly different direction than it ended up going?

Drums, bass, and rhythm guitar are packed into this amp that has enough tone settings and power to keep any musician busy for hours on end. With a simple interface, some great amp models, a ton of great tone presets, various input options, and freedom to be as creative as you want, this truly is a revolutionary product. I can’t imagine where I would be now if I had one of these when I started playing guitar. I have only used it for a short time and I can already see the endless possibilities of this little beauty.

Review by Brian P. Caton for Line 6 Spider Jam Guitar Amplifier
I got this amp last night. And I literally spent 6 hours messing with it and playing. It has every tone you could ever dream up, very easy to use and tone in a sound. REAL BACKING TRACKS!!! endless hours of fun and learning. I am in Alaska so I know i am a little behind, but this thing rocks. I live in apartment, so even at min volume at midnight it still rocks. recording is a breeze, throw on some headphones and bark at the moon all night!

Review by J. Greenwood for Line 6 Spider Jam Guitar Amplifier
Like another reviewer here, I too own a Fender G-Dec 30 (BTW: now going up for sale). The Spider Jam 75W specs are all out there so I won’t repeat all that info but give you my users impressions instead. First I was fortunate enough to buy one for $300. (the same price as the Fender G-Dec 30), so it’s an even simpler comparison for me.

***The Line 6 Spider Jam 75W is a full head & shoulders taller and better than the G-Dec.***

As simply an amp it has more power and much better sound. I’ll take line 6′s real drums sets and songs over the Fender’s midi/synth tunes any day. The ability to save your custom tunes as JAM or WAV files internally or out to a larger SD card is a godsend. (Mine is 2gb SD – note: it must be fat 16 formatted.) The overdub layering is simply superb (though it’s saved as mono). The XLR mike, 1/4″ plug aux & MP3 inputs allow a great flexibility for total song creation.

The only criticisms I can muster are: 1) – The menu process is more difficult than the G-Dec but easy enough with hands-on experience. 2) – The chrome plastic knobs look somewhat cheap but work well enough.

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