Les Paul in New York – 1999

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The innovative guitarist Les Paul performing with his Trio at a New York jazz club in 1999 on the occasion of his 84th Birthday. These edited highlights from the show feature this legendary artist playing some of his memorable record hits from the 1950s: Someday Sweetheart – Caravan – How High The Moon – Little Rock Getaway & Just One More Chance
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1 guy listens to slipNOT.

@b4mvdrumlegend umm….he invented solid body electric guitar, if that doesnt impress you i dont know what will

@b4mvdrumlegend umm….he invented solid body electric guitar, if that doesnt impress you i dont know what will

I started a Fan Page for the Gibson Les Paul Recording Model on Facebook if anyone is interested?? just search Gibson Les Paul Recording!!!?

@b4mvdrumlegend he had very bad arthritis in his fingers in the years before he died greatly limiting his virtuosity.

@b4mvdrumlegend you should educate yourself because that was quite ignorant.

it takes balls to rock out with a clean amp

That tone! No one will ever match it. You’ve got to love his style; his playing is both classic and innovative, exciting yet regal. He was one of the best.

0:15 Guitar banging!

Please post the video in which you do better. Les Paul invented multi-tracking, overdubbing, echo units. His name is on the Les Paul because he invented it , the guitar he is a model he developed that uses low impedence output and three wire grounded cords. He recognized that the common phone plug so called because they were used on early phone switchboards were inherently subject to noise because they had no ground.Exactly what have you contributed to anything?


To the peanut who said i havent seen anyything to impress,, he is 90 + here,, have a look at his early days with Mary Ford,, You need to do your research boof…

les paul guitar god?…………………i havent heard anything to impress me really

..Brilliant !!! *****

Did he get a shock in the beginning? R.I.P. Les Paul.

he almost looked like larry king!

Lovely music!!!

Grandma mary

there are a lot of guitars that I would like to have of his just for the customization that was added

Your music will always be in my heart. Les Paul guitar will always be in my hands, recorded with multitrack and reverb! Endless thanks for all you did and for the inspiration you still give. I’am jealous that you gotta play for someone else in some different world instead of us. See you in the next life :)

I have the Bass version of the Recorder guitar. I got it at a pawn shop for $200 in 1994. Woohoo. R.I.P. Les.

RIP from Puerto Rico, lots of supporters wishing you fortune playing in heaven to god.

R.I.P Les Paul

I really miss you Les. You where a great inspiration to myself & several generations of players & music fans. Thanks for the great memories.

rest in peace Mr.Les Paul from Canada/S.Korea.

Your music inspired us all and your inventions changes course of music forever.

no actually he has to because he got in a car crash and he had his arm set to a guitar playing position

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