Lenny Kravitz “Thinking Of You” Acoustic 2010 Tribute To Mother Roxie Roker

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Happy Birthday Mama. Lenny. Filmed by at home in the Bahamas, August 28, 2010. “Thinking Of You” originally on the album “five.” Roxie Roker (8/28/1929-12/2/1995). Film by Mathieu Bitton/Candy Tangerine Productions. follow Lenny on Facebook: www.facebook.com

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Rest in Paradise Roxie :) This is my favorite cut by Lenny. Beautiful <3

This song brings me to tears great post 10*!….peace and love always :) ).

This song came out around the same time my own mom died. I love this song. This version is insane. Such passion. Lenny you rule.

Can it get any better ?

What a great song, my sincere thanks for sharing this!

who can dislike this?

Mean brother ….


Oh so beautiful! You said it all man!

Love is ALL. We keep it, we hold on to it, even after all these years. Gone but never forgotten.

@keleic yea it’s really sad…plus he isnt married

it still gets to me that he lost both his parents. especially since he doesnt have any siblings

i hope he does something like this again next month for his beloved mother

This guy is a genius. He plays all his instruments and writes all his songs and is blessed with a creative soul and happens to be sexy. Puts all mainstream artists to shame. And he is so honest about his feelings too.

MAN!! I love to hear Lenny sing this song….I play it often and I cry although my Mama is still alive and battling cancer, this song reaches out to those who love and cherish “Mamas”….I’m a Singer and I do plan on singing this song. THANK YOU LENNY KRAVITZ….”tell me Mama…would you live your life the same…or come back and rearrange”….AWESOME!!

Rest In Peace, Roxie Roker.

Love it…

That was Beautiful…..

woww, If you cant feel this, if this dont move you…..i believe you are truly lost…….i will pray for u…

what tunning is he using??.. really weird..

This gets me every time.

Beautiful Tribute.:) you are the best!!!

I remember listening to the album 5 for months when it came out back in 98,this is one of his best songs,not just from that album,but from his whole career.Anyone can find similarities in this song,either it’s from a mother,a father,a brother,a wife/husband or a friend that have departed.It’s just amazing to know that Lenny still has his touch after so many years.I have a burst of emotions while hearing this version,I tried,but there are no words to describe it.Thanks Lenny!

im thinking of u and all the things that u wonted me to be…….and im tryin know.

im thinking of u and all the things that u wonted me to be…….and im tryin know

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