Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven ( full version ) – acoustic cover – Igor Presnyakov

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www.igorpresnyakov.com Stairway to Heaven ( full version ) . Arranged and performed by Igor Presnyakov . *2009 . This is a version as I’ve originally played it about 1,5 years ago . When I’ve uploaded this rendition on YT for the 1st time in february final year, something went wrong and it was cut in between . Now not anymore ! www.guitar-tube.com
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Fuck the Stairway to Heaven I want the Stairway to Igor.

Did you notice that Igor keeps watching up and away from the guitar. I think that a stairway to heaven opend up in front of him. Way to go Igor.

Can someone help me pick up my jaw from the floor?

your Rasgueado are perfect!

I love this!!!

greetings from Russia!!

Are you god?


fucking amazing

Straight G

I listen to this so I can get a good nights sleep… This is out of this world, B E A U T I F U L… Amazing, ahhhh the English alphabet does not have enough words for this!

@beyourselftdk Word! That would be great!

@butterHibs123 9 months… congratz!!! you’re a Dad!!!

all i can say is fckin awesome man

i jizzed in mah pants!

Intro should say “Arranged and PERFECTED by Igor Presnyakov”.

I just busted a nut out of my ears… Is that possible?

please please please please please please igor, do a version of The end-The doors. you rock man. obviously you’ll make a great version. cheers from portugal

omg :o


fail at trying to get thumbs up on the comment.

9 people are on the highway to HELL!

Are you a wizard?

Adopt me?

I will bring a charge against you Igor. What do you think, I come to my office everyday to watch 26 consecutive videoclips of yours subtracting hours to my work and get fired? No WAY !!!

OMG, PERFECT GUITAR , PERFECT GUITAR (or is it the perfect guitarrist?)

i like his shirt

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