Learning Bass Guitar

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Learning Bass Guitar

Learning bass guitar would not be the first choice of most people starting out  learning to play guitar so what is its appeal to you?

Could it be that the the special status afforded to the bass guitarist appeals to you Maybe thats not so, but learning bass guitar does set you apart from the crowd.

It might be said that if lead guitar is the face and voice of a band then the bass guitar would have to be the heart and pulse of that same band.

Working together as a unified rhythm section it is the base guitarist and the drummer who take on the responsibility of setting and maintaining the rhythm and pace of their band.

Through most gigs that are played the limelight and the applause goes to the lead guitar and vocalist with the drummer occasionally breaking up that monopoly and demonstrating his skills with a periodic fast and furious solo routine

Unflinchingly behind all of this frenetic activity the bass guitarist resolutely goes about his craft keeping the heartbeat going that gives life to the whole body of the band.

Rarely the star but often the hero the bass player steadfastly keeps his cool as he continues to give out that life giving beat to the music.

The unique quality of the depth and richness of tone brought forth when a bass guitar is properly tuned and played is truly addictive. To be the originator of that sound and actually to be a part of that sound on your own bass guitar is an even greater addiction still.

If you have decided that learning bass guitar is for you and that you want to make a start with your learning experience then where do you go from here?  

Well, of course you won’t get far without your own bass guitar! Certainly the most exciting step and one you should take your time over and not hurry, its time to choose your new bass guitar!.

Find a specialist guitar retailer because that is where you will get to see the most extensive selection of guitars and get the best advice in selecting the right guitar for you. Get them to not only show you all the different styles, but permit you to hold them and find out which ones are most comfortable for you. A bass guitar has a slightly larger body and longer neck than other styles of guitar and you must be able to hold it and reach the farthest frets in comfort. Don’t forget that as you learn bass guitar you are going to enjoy many many pleasurable hours with what will ultimately become your best friend .So do take your time and be sure you have made the right choice before you commit your money. Now that you have found a selection of bass guitars that you like the look of and that are comfortable for you to hold and play, ask to have each one played through an amplifier so that you can hear and feel how they sound.Each of these steps taken with care will ensure that the bass guitar that you take home with you will be the one that is right for you and that it will continue to be right for you through the years ahead.


Fantastic, at last you have your new bass guitar! But, if you are going to start learning bass guitar you have to be able to hear it. The next piece of the jigsaw then is to select a bass amplifier to hook up to.You ought to hear your new guitar played through a number of bass amplifiers that fall within your budget range so that you can find the one that gives the tone that best gives life to your guitar . See it, try it then buy it. That’s the rule. Not, see it, buy it then try it or buy it, see it then try it! As we have already said, you will be investing a good deal of time at this new set up and you will be putting a lot of your hard earned cash into buying it. So steer clear of any problems by getting it right first time.

There are still a few things on your list to buy before you can get down to begin learning bass guitar. A guitar lead will be necessary to connect the guitar to its amplifier. Also buying yourself a comfortable guitar shoulder strap will be money well spent.

Keeping your guitar in tune must become a daily routine for you and the most accurate way for you to go about accomplishing this is with the aid of an electronic tuner. They represent great value for money and certainly make the job quick and easy.

One other thing. You will soon discover that timing is paramount when you are learning to play guitar.

As a guitarist you will be unable to progress without timing. Whether or not your first audition is a success may well depend as much on your timing as it will on any other aspect of your playing on the day.

As you begin learning bass guitar it is much easier if you start playing numbers slowly and then as your confidence increases gradually speeding up through to the correct speed for a particular song.When you start learning new songs for your guitar you will have the most success if you play the number at perhaps half speed until you feel comfortable with playing it and then little by little increase the speed up to the normal pace for the song. So if you will only take a single piece of advice away from reading this it ought to be, get yourself a metronome!

There are those people who prefer the traditional mechanical style and if that is you then thats great they are certainly still manufactured however electronic metronomes now offer fantastic value for money and are extremely versatile in use. Try and get one with a good “woody” tick instead of one with a click or a bleep as it sounds so much better. Also it is well to obtain one with beat increments of one beat per minute allowing a very measured increase in tempo which will be more suitable for you when learning bass guitar songs.

As you progress along your path learning bass guitar you will hear of all kinds of accessories and add ons that are available to expand your horizons and guitar playing experience but those are best put aside for another time, you dont want to confuse the issue at this stage of the game.

Now that you have brought together a fine bass guitar and bass amplifier how will you now go about the very important next stage of making it all work for you to realise your dream of learning bass guitar

It is fair to say that the very best tuition will come from taking lessons with a professional guitar teacher on a one to one basis. If you can manage the not inconsiderable cost and you can locate such a teacher close to your home who can fit in with your available time slots then that will be the way to go forward.

You can however take a more affordable path.

For not much more than the price of a couple of private lessons you can invest in a very comprehensive multimedia home study course that can deliver fantastic results.

With one of these courses you can choose the time and the pace of your study and practice sessions as you begin learning bass guitar in the privacy of your own home.

As always some deliver better results than others and some represent a greater investment than others.But having made your investment in equipping yourself with a really good new bass guitar it makes sense that you should now continue to invest in yourself and get a really good course of instruction and start learning bass guitar in a properly structured and professional manner.

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