Learn the guitar

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Learn the guitar

Diligently following a guitar method will not necessarily make you a good guitarist.  Information means different things to different people and everyone learns in different ways.  When we begin an activity there is so much new information it is easy for the judgement to get distorted.  People focus on what is not crucial and fail to recognise the importance of fundamental first principles.


When I realize a student could adjust a hand position to make things easier for themselves, I just tell them.  Nip it in the bud, avoid the potential bad habit there and then.  This information early in development is much better than years down the track when the bad habit is well learned.  There is no magic formula for WHEN a student should learn something.  In the case where you have a teacher, it is their responsibility to disseminate the right information at the right time to best aid the student.


Even though students may come to a lesson saying that they are a complete beginner, each has an individual personal relationship with music and the guitar.   Me as a teacher have no idea of a students past relationship with music, and depending on their background, body size, and what they already know will determine what information is useful.  In my experience information is not generic; it has to be grafted, modified and personalized before it is really helpful to the student.

In conclusion it requires experience and know-how to sift through the mountains of information to find what you need, and sometimes you don’t even know what you need to know making the task seemingly impossible. Your private teacher should give you the right information at the right time, developing sound technique and empowering the student with tools to

Music : Learn to Play Guitar

Learning to play the guitar is fast, easy, cheap, and really fun. At the minimum all you need is a starter acoustic guitar and some time to learn to read tabs and learn songs. Tabs or tablature are the musical sheets which tell you exactly where to put your finger and therefore what notes to play. Learning to read tabs may seem complicated but is actually pretty easy. Online you can find free guitar tabs for almost any guitar song you can think of, from Nirvana to the Strokes.

If you like the electric guitar sound and the added flexibility available with amps and different distortions, learning to play the electric guitar is basically the same. The main difference is the added equipment necessary, but with some great online deals available that include amps and headphones, getting started is just as easy as with acoustic guitars.

First off, I suggest you read our basic 5 lesson guitar introduction.

Below you can find other terrific free online lessons with different tips and tricks to get you started and then taking you through more advanced topics. I also highly recommend that you take some time to visit the online forum / message boards where there is a ton of discussions regarding beginner and advanced topics. Be sure to use this resource for getting all your doubts answered.

At the bottom you can find many low priced starter packs for both the acoustic and electric sets. There are also some incredible beginner guitar DVDs for learning quickly, as well as guitar books and cds for all guitar enthusiasts.

Learn to Play Guitar As A Hobby


How many times have you stood in front of the mirror, imaginary guitar around your neck, pretending to be rock star? If playing the guitar is what you enjoy, then stop playing around with an imaginary one, and pick up a real guitar instead.

Playing guitar could be an extremely fulfilling and enjoyable experience, whether you take it up as a hobby or a profession. It can be an extremely satisfying outlet for your creativity and passion for music. Guitar is one of the most popular instruments that man has always used to express his feelings and personality. This rewarding and fun filled hobby is easy, cheap and fast to learn and it can never get old because everyday you get to learn something new.

The satisfaction and excitement you can get from learning a new art is incomparable. If you have the passion for music and you want to learn the guitar the right way, have some patience because it will be rewarding in the long run. If you are a singer you can learn guitar as an accompaniment for better performances. It can also help you turn your fantasy of becoming a rock star, into a reality. Playing a guitar not only calms you down when you are stressed out, but composing tunes on your own can provide you immense creative satisfaction. And at the end of the day if you feel you are too good at this hobby, you can use your newly acquired skills to earn good money.


Guitar is the most important equipment required to pursue this hobby. As a beginner, make sure that you don’t buy the first guitar you come across in a store or on the Internet because not all are suitable to learn with. There are few things you must consider when buying a good guitar. The fret board and strings must be close so that it is easy to press. If the strings are placed high, it can be very difficult for a beginner to learn. The best way of checking whether the string height is proper or not is to stack two quarters and place it under the first string which is the thinnest at 12th fret (2 dots). The distance ideally must be the equivalent spacing of 1½ quarters. If the quarters fit without having to lift the string, it means the maximum height is acceptable. When you buy a guitar, get it tuned. If the tuning gear is exposed it means the guitar has cheap tuners. Good quality tuners are encased and are die-cast. There are two immediate choices in guitars: electric or acoustic. Even though both look different, the position for picking, strumming and chording is similar. If you are able to play an acoustic guitar, you will be able to play the electric version too. There is no need to start learning on acoustic guitars. Begin with any type because practice is required for both. If an 8 or 12-year-old wants to learn guitar as a hobby, buy a small size – three quarter size acoustic guitar.

The second most important equipment is a tuner. It is essential to keep your guitar in tune and with the help of a guitar tuner, a small device operated with battery, you can tune in an easy and quick manner. If you are buying an electric guitar, you can add more flexibility with different distortions and amps. You should research in order to find good deals on headphones and amps on the Internet.

The best bet for getting a good guitar is to purchase from a music store because the staff can help you select good beginner’s guitar of your choice. In case you visit any pawnshop or second hand instrument store, ask a guitar-playing friend of yours to accompany you for good advice. He or she can check the guitar and let you know whether it is a good buy or not. Usually, a beginner’s guitar of good quality is available in 175 to 375 dollars. Don’t forget to purchase a strap, case and tuner for a better learning experience.

As a beginner all you require is a little patience and lots of practice. Find a nice and quiet place inside or outside your house where you can spend time practicing without getting disturbed. Always remember to start slow and then work your way up because first you need to learn the basics. Once you have a good quality guitar you need to start learning how to read tabs and songs. Tablature and tabs are musical sheets with the help of which you get to know the point where you are supposed to place your finger and play the notes. It is not difficult to learn reading tabs. You can find guitar tabs on the Internet free of cost for any song you wish to learn. Internet is full of reference materials that can help you learn the guitar easily. You can either get access to some books based on guitars or buy videos for a live demo of guitar playing techniques. You can even join online classes for a better understanding of guitars. Make sure that you practice what you have learnt on a regular basis. Manage your time and take care of the instrument so that it doesn’t get lost or damaged.

The above-mentioned information is aimed to get you started with a guitar, but if you need more tips and information then visit the link below to find more resources. Keep strumming!

If you are a millionaire, the best way to learn the guitar is with your own personal guitar teacher! For the rest of us, who aren’t so wealthy, learning the guitar online is becoming the most popular way to learn, simply because the results are so impressive. If you are dedicated and are willing to practice without being forced to, then the best way to learn the guitar is online with a professional guitar tuition course.

If you are one of the millions that really want to learn to play the guitar, learning online is really the best way to learn in this day and age. If on the other hand, you are lazy and need constant prompting to practice, then learning online is not going to help you.

Assuming that you are dedicated to your guitar and can’t wait to practice, then learning online really is the best way to learn the guitar for you. For the price of a 1 hour private guitar lesson you can get a whole online course that can last weeks or even months!

Most of the lessons are video based which means you take the same lesson again and again until you master it. You can also rewind it if you didn’t understand any part of it. You certainly can’t do that if you’re paying by the hour!

There are many courses to choose from and most of them are really good value for money. As long as you have a good internet connection and really do want to learn, learning online is easily the best way to learn the guitar.

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Learn the guitar

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