Learn how to play Breakeven by The Script Free Guitar Lesson Acoustic Picking

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tabs here www.ultimate-guitar.com
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not bad i was looking at some tabs but was not sure if they were right and didn’t know if it was picked or plucked, lol. you are neglecting the pull away on the second movement, if you will, when u go to the first fret that g string goes 3p2. i recommend use your pinky for the bflat(3rd fret)

fuck marty shorts

He’s a fan of Marty Shwartz

geeezzz i had to replay the video like 50 times LOL thanks btw brother :D

pluck the g string with your middle finger HAHAHA

The picking is haaaaard!!

i need a little more do u think u could just send meh the tabs like on msg plzz oh the picking part too

bla.. bla… bla

easy! :) )



1:44 someone is deffo going for it! haha

Good job!


10 guys are to stupid to learn this songxD LOL!

what are the actual notes to pick?

i can play better than him now :D D

This lesson is great just have this up while looking up the tab of this song and it will make sense

@ATLrockforever well its like palm muting, you just slap your palm on the strings while its vibrating which should stop it and make the sound

Hi!!! i’m a beginner and i prefer to use the capo with this song but i really want to know how pick well using the capo PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE i really want to do this for my class task

my fingers hurt :(


damn NYAHAHAHa bro thank you i got it soo easy !!!!! damn thank you :D

uhhhh how do you do the slaap :P

GOOD JOB mate!! luv the tutorial!! played it good right after this vid.. :)

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