Lady Gaga Medley – JussJef acoustic cover

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My very first uploaded cover because i recovered my guitars. A medley of some of my preferred Lady Gaga songs. Special thanks to the fans who helped me get the guitar back and unique thanks to Thomas Hjorth for filming and editing the video.

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this is amazing tres tres bien fait

génial, ça groove, bravo (from France)

Really nice! Great job! Your guitar really does sing!

did you learn this song by tabs or just by ear?

Wow, I haven’t seen any acoustic cover sets for a while, and I came across yours and it made me smile and intrigue me to pick my guitar up again… love the work with the loop station too… awesome awesome awesome.. Thankyou….!

omg.. a piano turned into a guitarrrr…
soo awsummm


15 people hate music

that was awesome man!

I can tell already one of the chords that he takes all the time is a C.

This is really good!

love it!

Try looking up Sam Tsui’s Lady Gaga Medley :)

@kid515 He is not just standing there, he is “rocking out”. He is not just standing on a bare stage either. His Slash look is the image he creates in your head. So as you watch him, your eyes are fixed on him. You are kept excited to watch him along with enjoying his music.

@kid515 I was never trying to win this conversation. I was merely expressing my opinion. I’m glad you are not gonna reply to this anymore… I was getting tired of it anyways. Speaking of stalking, you reply to my response as fast as I do. I’m sure no one cares about my opinion, but I know you are gonna read this.

no need to reply to you anymore, you just jump from one topic to another topic when you lose the conversation. you didin’t even researched about the people I just said. hahahah, stop stalking the internet/youtube and get a life so that you will know the facts in life :) bye now. don’t bother replying because I will reply to you anymore, nobody cares about your opinion anyway :)

@teabagger702 you just don’t give up don’t you? hahahaha

@kid515 Then logically, there should be a close-up of him playing. A close-up of his hands.

you don’t have to look for any other thing that they have to do, they are there to play guitar that’s all, guitar playing, even if it is in a video is still guitar playing, you can also look up sungha jung and many great guitar player of all times, not all of them needs to dance around or smile while playing just to amuse people, because people are looking at how they play, at how good they are with the “GUITAR” regardless if they smililing/dancing while they do it.

@teabagger702 have you seen slash play? or do you even know him, most of his solos in their concert he only stands there with his hair all around his face, nobody even sees if he is smiling or not, he just stands there, playing his guitar solo but people who knows music still admires and is still amused whenever he plays, they don’t care if he smiles or dances around, when you appreciate guitar playing, even if you just see them standing there, not doing anything aside from “playing their guitar

To what people are complaining about i can understand. i would get more into it if he did more of his head bops during his songs or look down to his guitar like he does like if he is making sure it his guitar playing. i feel it gets you more into the song and you start to feel his talent and skill and you start to feel the music more. however if you just listen to the music you can appreciate the talent and the skill this man has.

@kid515 No one is saying that people dont enjoy it. The majority prefers both entertainment. Visually and Vocally. Its the same reason people go to the movies. It be boring if the actors just sat there reading their lines. A Cheese Burger without the cheese is a just a hamburger.

@teabagger702 yea, and same as the likes above, majority understands the concept of true art

@kid515 have you read the comments?

@teabagger702 looking at the number of likes above compared to is the dislikes, i think people feels the same way as i do :)

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