Kiss – Rock and Roll all Nite and Party Every Day – Rock Guitar Lesson – Les Paul

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lol you were a show off at he when you started

i think ill stick to playing guitar hero…

hey, im an 8th grade student and im 13 years old, everbody that i have played the guitar for says i have some real talent, so the reason im posting this comment is because i want somebody to write on my channel a song they want me to learn,? and i will learn it, SO SOMEBODY PLEASE THUMBS UP THIS TO GET IT TO THE TOP PLEASE!

Is that the fat version of Jason Mraz??? Lol


oh my god just got to 0:30

Thumbs up if you want to see marty do a full length video with the solo he did at the beginning

@HalofiedGamer Gene plays bass….

7 People are douche bags. Thank you as always Marty.

lol marty said link below but the kiss guys is showing up wtf??

@snookermad1 In your’s and 45 other’s opinion.

what about some rolling stones? or van halen? way more bon jovi please dude ! :)

@XsXantchanyXsX Half step down or E flat :)

Lol 0:30

What is Eb tuning?

Thanks guy….that was a fast and good lesson on this classic song.

jimi hendricks disagrees dude… soo does david gilmour :)

Thanks Marty I’ve always have been wanting to learn that

Thumbs up for all of martie’s cool hats!


nvm lol

Awesome! This is standard tuning??

only the solo left! just… keep… dreaming! ;)

it may be the easiest but most want to do it the right way

no sea bobo!!!

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