King of Anything – Sara Bareilles (Cover by @KarminMusic)

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Download this song on iTunes: King of Anything by Sara Bareilles. Nick learns how to play trombone and Amy desires to steal his crown. Check out US ? LIKE US ON FACEBOOK http FOLLOW US ON TWITTER KARMIN TSHIRTS! ? LET’S BE Pals http ? ? MY YOUTUBE CHANNELS ? ? ? ?
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You guys are amazing :) I love that you put theatrics in your videos xD

I want that trombone for dummies book ….. (:

I think you guys should cover something by Laura Marling like ‘My Manic and I’ or “New Romantic’. I think the folky influence would suit you well and her lyrics are always interesting.

???????????to the 27 dislikes

i love you guys xD
cutest couple ever :D

she resembles sara bareilles :) i like Amy with this makeup more than the heavy led lipstick makeup…

love the pea shoooter, nick.

This song makes studying bearable.
Just love it !

her hair always looks amazing and they are the cutest and most talented couple i know! So adorable :)

when i grow up and have a kid im going name her karmin after u :D :’) :”)

she sounds like wyclef jean

@singing4life66 Can you IMAGINE how amazing their children would be?!

I love hearing & listening to you sing !!! You just inspire me soo much :) LIke, If you had an album, I’d literally buy every track on itunes! You seriously need to consider putting an album together, for MY sake :)


@felicity0elsaesser they do

I thought you look like sara bareilles watching your videos for the first time, and then i found out you covered her song I flailed a bit :D :D

you really look like sarah. just make your hair lil curly though. nice voice!

just love them: musical, funny, humor, never ordinary, no cheap tricks, talented, skillful, happy, goodlooking etc. Awesome; you make my day, time and time again!

i think she looks really pretty!!! :) (:

This one of my favorites!! Sarah does a bunch of YouTube covers also. It would be really cool to see you both team up on something!!

you should totally do Heart Skips A Beat by Lenka or Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap or Slow Me Down by Emmy Rossum

whoooooooooooaaaaaaa i freakin love how you two added “the freshmen” by verve pipe… I LOVE THAT SONG WHEN I WAS LITTLE… and i love you two. SO DAMN TALENTED!!!

[[ jAm ]]

definitely the perfect song for them

i like the simplicity

im sorry but if nick was the king of anything i would follow his every command…and yup amy totally looks like sara bareilles but she looks funny at 1:23 :D

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