Keith Medley “Ancestors” – 27 string guitar

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Keith Medley makes beautiful music on his own creation; the one-of-a-kind 27-string guitar. Produced by Jon Grimson Shot on Canon EOS 7D with Leica R lenses & Lensbaby and GoPro HERO HD. Keith is an amazing talent as a musician, guitarist and master luthier. He designed and built his Medley 27-string guitar in order to play the music in his head.

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best luthier

@creation23 HOLY SHIT. I literally was about to say that.

Keith Medley rocks


@Osservatrice108 I’ll look into it, but does he play this beautifully?

This speaks to my soul. Thank you so much for sharing and being so dedicated to what you do. This is real String theory ;)

Speaking of which, I wonder why 27 (9) strings specifically? I don’t know enough about musical theory, strings, or building a guitar to conceptualize this.

Some pagan witchcraft? :P I really feel like this is channeling our Ancestors. I hear wisdom, peace, and an understanding of Man’s struggle.

This music clears my mind. Keep moving through time.

This man knows his strings !

Damn… Willie Nelson is really branching out nowadays.

i can play this with my triangle

@creation23 That would be a bitch to string, too.

Great music. Thanks for posting

Great music. Thanks for posting

my guitar’s got more strings…

In Italy live musician Paolo Tofani. He created the guitar of 36 strings. Look at his youtube channel

Wonder what Segovia would’ve done with this? Awesome doesn’t quite describe it, but words are so lame sometimes. Phenomanal, naw….doesn’t come close either. WOW

16 people probably missed the like button because they were too busy staring

@FrankRMusic I am dumbfounded by six.


If Jesus plays the Guitar = this is what it will sound like = the TRUTH!

No comments,just thank you for the beautiful music.

16 people can’t tune guitars… xD

2:01 – 2:05 yes

That is the most beautiful instrument I’ve ever heard :)

This is beautiful in the absolute, and as far as I’m concerned, listenings is a word.

I wonder how many babies were conceived during the listenings of this song. Yes I know listenings isn’t a word. Sue me.

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