Keane ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ – Burberry Acoustic

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Keane, filmed exclusively for Burberry Acoustic. Discover more Burberry Acoustic at
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I was like.. *I already heard this song* and *BOOM* The Warblers. XD

omfg where can I get the Burberry Acoustic album?? (2011)

@queendiscodiva i wouldnt have noticed that untill you mentioned it

@calstock619 they are keane, the can do whatever, even in china

What’s up with his eyebrow? Throughout the whole thing it was all. Jiggily Jaggaly.. It’s distractring. :3

How did they get the piano up there? Somehow only they know :)

love theeeeeeeeeeeem

bazar jok bratan

This song is amazing

Love this song!

love love love Keane… known & listened & loved them since 2004 & yes i take pride in that

His subtle emotion is what makes this PHENOMENAL.

He sang it perfectly. And his voice is his voice no matter what you say.*

HATERS ARE UNAPPRECIATED HERE. DUDE. His vocals are perfectly executed. Is breaths are deep and full, and hi eyebrows raise at high points because that lifts the pallet of your throat and help you sing higher. His voice I never strained, forced, or impure. He snit perfectly. Nd hi voice I his voice no matter what you say. (referring to the first and third comments)

he talks like David Cameron

@torichanM with force and verve!! ;-)

His brow goes up the same time his voice goes higher.

@katarinka03 That’s a very logical point hahaha people probably trade them weed for there AWESOME music

I guess the piano was put there with a helicopter

i think background is just a picture :D at least that would be much easier than carrying the piano that much

@beauchamp1896 where do you think inspiration comes from ;) ?

i’m so in love with this song. I didn’t know these guys actually sang for Burberry Acoustic :)

he either looks really tired or really stoned

la primera vez veo que Tim ejecuta un piano acustico..esta genial esta version

omg keane!

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