Just The Way You Are acoustic Bruno Mars cover – Anthem Lights

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Acoustic cover version of Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are” performed by pop vocal group Anthem Lights. Debut album now available on iTunes (bit.ly and in shops. For more info, check out anthemlights.com.
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I love you guys(:

Im impressed. && I wish i culd get yalls version put on my ipod…….

Is it weird that I’ve listened to this song a zillion times in a couple days?

<3 LOVED IT! :D I loved all the heart that was put into it and that made the song a 100 times better!

om,.. freak godish wow 1 i’m touched ! :) -LIL BIT

this is one of my favorite songs ever!

is it me or does that one guy seriously look like Mac from Always Sunny In Philadelphia sleeveless shirt and everything haha

-Bestt Coverr Ever(: Everyone Is Amazingg Just The Wayy They Are.

wow! best cover ever!

wow! best cover ever!

An excellent cover! That is rare!

@AnthemLights I agree with you Alan, as a christian women I want a guy who tell me that” I’m amazing just the way I am” and wife’s love it when there husbands think of them that way :-) .- Valerie

@centuryexploration1 what you are saying is true but then if you think about it, God has made us and we are perfect just the way we are. Plus most Christian music groups do a few songs that are worldly like Skillet when they sing Lucy, or FM Static when they sing Boy Meets Girl, it is just something that is going to happen

I love your heart guys…its so amazing to have you all out there to make music to our God! YOU ALL ARE AMAZING and have amazing voices too!

wow awsome cover <3 ^^

@centuryexploration1 As a follower of Christ, we are called to bring light to the darkness. I feel @AnthemLights did just that by not only doing a very popular song by Bruno Mars, but bringing the Gospel message to a world that is devoid of true love. We aren’t called to preach the Gospel to “Christians”, but the whole world. Keep it up Anthem Lights. Prayers!

whoever has the super high tenor voice , is amazing (:

@inJOYjesus the religious man is a dying breed, having faith is one thing but being blindly loyal to any religion is another. Science teaches us to question everything, religion has held man back from truly understanding the universe. in the future the very idea of an invisible sky man will seem even more ridiculous then it does now. sciences knowledge increases daily, eventually the “theory” of god will be disproved entirely, a day i cannot wait to see.

Nice one. :) Check our live recording.


@AnthemLights I don’t see anything wrong with this song or you guys covering it & I think EVERY man of God should sing this song to their wife. When Bruno Mars did this song, I think it was he way of telling women of all ages, Christian or Non-Christian, that they are beautiful just the way they are! God made your wife just the way she is & there is no shame in singing a “secular” song that glorifies that she is beautiful just the way she is!



Its like your voices were meant to be together as a group!

@AnthemLights Thats awesome, I thought this was just another stupid love song till I looked at it the way you guys do. And just for the record, I love you all singing it so much more=D

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