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?”Jumpin’ Jack Flash” is a song by English rock and roll band The Rolling Stones, released as a single in 1968. Called “supernatural Delta blues by way of Swinging London” by Rolling Stone,[1] the song is seen as the band’s return to their blues roots after the psychedelia of their preceding albums Between the Buttons and Their Satanic Majesties Request.[2] One of the group’s most popular and recognizable songs, “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” has been featured in many films and on the Rolling Stones compilation albums Through the Past, Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2), Hot Rocks, Singles Collection and Forty Licks . ?Written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, recording on “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” began during the Beggars Banquet sessions of 1968 (although it was not released on that album). Regarding the song’s distinctive sound, guitarist Richards has said: I used a Gibson Hummingbird acoustic tuned to open D, six string. Open D or open E, which is the same thing – same intervals – but it would be slackened down some for D. Then there was a capo on it, to get that really tight sound. And there was another guitar over the top of that, but tuned to Nashville tuning. I learned that from somebody in George Jones’ band in San Antonio in 1964. The high-strung guitar was an acoustic, too. Both acoustics were put through a Philips cassette recorder. Just jam the mic right in the guitar and play it back through an extension speaker.[3] Richards has stated that he and Jagger wrote the lyrics while
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“Well, All Right!”

I have 12 versions (by the Stones) of this tune on vinyl, including the original demo with handclaps and yeah yeahs and this is till my fave

The Stones in 69. The most supreme rock outfit to inhabit the Earth.
Jagger incomparable on stage and newly acquired Mick Taylor’s guitar playing
sending them to the stratoshere.

i’m not rolling a big stones fan, but this song is f*ckin good, has the coolest tempo, and mick is the rock attitude himself

Every great band has a peak period, when everything falls in place. Great songs and great players (MIck Taylor and Keith). This was the Stones time. Will never be topped.

This is the Stones at their best in the sixties,,usa concet that ended in diaster at altamont.4 dead 4 born and old mick made a pigs arse of the concert…still the best band in the world………………………

@9KPhalak new york..madison square 1969

adoreiiiiii….é emocionante!

bring out gen heydrichz

Madison Square Garden 1969

I’m pretty sure this was Monterey, yea this was definitely Monterey. Great concert, I saw it on TV.

Mick Taylor added the sonics needed to power this one.

Freddie, Axl once had it…
and Pink Floyd and The Who as bands had it. But, yeah, only Mick is Mick.

watch and learn nubes and you might be lucky to survive a quarter the life span of the best band in the world.

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People forget how huge the Stones were in ’72.

@jjo818 True, i can’t think of many people who have the stage-presence of Jagger.

Welcome to the Breakfast Show!

@JACKtheRIPP3R189 For song creation yes, but for star power I would say Mick is in a whole other galaxy than mere mortals.

@jjo818 I think you have to include Mick and Keef as a single entry.

Oh and Mick somehow wasn’t so watchable after 72 either, he lost that something, too much running around. (even Keith said so) That and he decided to be lazy with his singing.

Got to agree.
They never did it right after 72 – two fast and the guitars always sound wrong.
THIS version is the ultimate live version.

You could submit this in court as evidence that Mick Jagger is the greatest rockstar of all time.

le petit bieber peut retourner jouer avec ses légos!

best live version i’ve ever heard. it has a grooving, natural tempo. from ’72 on, it has a rushed, perfunctory feel…

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