Johnny Money – Hurt – Simple Beginner Guitar Lesson – Effortless Acoustic Song

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All videos i have looked are toooooooo fast for me !!! can anybody make it slow just for me??

Marty, I want to have your baby.

A little fast, but it is a really good lesson.

I think that the best way to learn an F chord is to just rely on your muscle memory.What I mean by saying that is that you learn your fingering and that you most certainly don`t think of x`s or strings at all.Once you are so used to the fingering just start playing those tree notes over and over again,or as well try to aim for those notes/strings,but always try to look at your right hand at first.That`s how I got it down with a Green Day`s song-21 guns.As Marty said it-just keep on practicing!

thanks for the tips you made it easy marty mate

@tylerkasperson You are lucky to find Marty.. He’s the best!

You’re a great teacher marty! I’m just starting and hoping to learn this for my first song.

That was sweet I caught on so fast, you think you could do the song ‘the sadness will never end’ by bring me the horizon. My band has been wanting to play an acoustic cover but we can’t find anyone to teach us…

Wow! Good teaching! I’ve never learned a song this easily! Thanks!

Pretty? Cool lesson here, Covers the topic quite well. Ive just made a bunch of detailed courses for beginners and advanced guitarists that you might be interested in. Check it out! would love to know what you and anyone watching this video thinks. Its totally free, and i mean TOTALLY

RexPearson. com

awesome marty!!!

Can you guys do johnny cash aint no grave (can hold my body down)

@MrSteelheadfisherman Google it asshole

son of a bittch :D

I love your teaching style, Marty! Thank you so much for your videos!

If it counts Marty, I should say a big thanks!!! Very Super Duper Teacher!!!!

@DeliveryManBoy your a fucking idiot! nine inch nailswrote this song!! johnny cash covered it. fucking shitface.

@SkidRowAXL aren’t you a ray of sunshine try saying that to someone in person … gosh youtube haters are so annoying -_-”

the acord is D7

You are a good teacher. The way you put your’ pick next to what you what you chording is very nice. You have a good ear for learning songs. You helped me so much on Hurt….Thanx!

THEY will try and tell you Trent Reznor wrote this song. THEY will tell you, RIck Rubin suggested Johnny Cash “cover” the song, and after some apprehension, Trent Reznor eventually decided that he was “honored” to have Cash cover “his” song. Both men’s albums give the writer’s credit to Trent. And Wikipedia says the same. but… IT’S ALL BULLSHIT! JOHNNY CASH WROTE THIS SONG. I have proof to this fact on my channel. TRENT REZNOR STOLE HURT FROM JC!!! I have sources.

@DeliveryManBoy lol your dumb trent reznor wrote this song and his is the original. johnny cash did the cover, i like the cash version better but he did not write it.

Marty is Chuck Norris’s Guitar Teacher !

People should not cover Johnny Cash! This song is terrible. The original Johnny Cash song is way better! Trent Reznor just doen’t? do this song the way Cash had intended it to be. And the worst part is that Reznor changes the word “thorns” to “shit.” How could you be so full of hate? And I already know what wiki says and what the album credits say on the album you have at home. Trust me. It’s all bullshit. It’s a conspiracy by Trent and his vampire lawyers. Proof is on my channel.

So you freakin rock!
I bought my guitar yesterday and I can already play the entire intro <3
Thanks man!

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