Joe Satriani Ibanez JS-20th Anniversary Celebration

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This is the official video from Ibanez for the celebration of Joe Satriani for endorsing their guitars for 20 years. Check out his alien JS1000!
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@EADPE Petrucci is endorsed by MusicMan so he can’t show up on an Ibanez event anymore.

@EIusiveEntertainment Circles :)

Ahh i cant remeber for the life of me the song at about 1:30

Joe Satriani 1 of the creative guitarist in this world with Steve Vai aside…Where’s Steve’s on this anniversary???

1.44 dave mustaine

@MrXorHomer would it be cool if JP is still with ibanez and still with his beautiful JPM picasso graphic guitar

@bitchslapper12 Well….everybody has an opinion and everybody has an asshole….and your opinion probably stinks like your asshole.

@EADPE pettrucci isn’t useing ibanez, dumbass

herman li has fun playing live, it’s easy to tell. he hasn’t really had a chance to shine, sam totman writes most of the stuff in dragonforce. i want to see him write some solo stuff, or maybe start a side-band because i honestly don’t think anybody know what he is capable of. he has plenty of fell though, and abusing the whammy is just part of his style. he has phrasing too, it’s no just playing fast.

not true. herman li can play flawless live now, and i have seen the vids of him jamming with joe satriani and he is far from bad live. he really knows how to jam.

@MrXorHomer Yeah, ya got me there.

@GutWrench95 He’s good when he’s not with DragonForce

Argh! Where has Doug Doppler been, it’s like hes dissapeared

@EADPE Petrucci isn’t even with Ibanez (anymore at least) And as to why Vai isn’t there I have no clue.

@IBZ93GRG250P Herman Li is good in the studio, not so much live.

@bitchslapper12 and he can still play guitar better than you and sold more albums than you has a better and bigger house than you a nicer looking wife than you i can see why youve made this comment its cool to get jealous once in a while happens to the best of us btw i gave your comment a tumbs up just to people can see your childish idiotic comment dont bother replying as the moment i see you have its getting deleted PEACE!

Joe satriani got a penis shaped head with ugly eyes and face expression overall. He also got disgusting arms, he should not have shaved them so much as kid. He also looks like a cancer kid with that hat and shaved head, the fuck happened with your hair? He also got ugly guitars. Fuck, I’d NEVER buy any of his guitars.

@IBZ93GRG250P Herman should stick with Dragonforce and make his own solo album =D

Am I the only one that thinks Herman Li doesn’t deserve to play in the same room as Joe? I mean…yeah, he’s a good guitarist, but Joe is just SOOOOO many leagues higher than him, and everybody else for that matter….seriusly, Joe is a GOD, and the Li fella is just playin some scales REALLY fast, and abusing the whammy bar to the point of extreme….Joe actually puts FEEL into it

Petrucci is endorsed by Ernie Ball/Music Man

@EADPE Well…Petrucci left 5000 years ago….?

yes, but that dsnt mean he could invite some friends :P


Petrucci is Ernie Ball Music Man, not Ibanez anymore since 1999

Happy 20th Anniversary Joe! What a legend

@IBZ93GRG250P Hey, Herman Li is heck of a lot more original than most guitarist. In terms of originality, Herman Li is right up there with Santrian, Marty Friedman, Paul Gilbert, and Doug Dooppler. I mean come on Herman Li has pac man like sounds in his solos.

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