Joe Satriani Clinic Ibanez Always With Me, Always With You

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Joe Satriani Clinic Ibanez 2004 “Always With Me, Always With You” (js1200)
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covered up mistake at? 2:37

just shut up, there is no reason to judge!
he just did? kool dynamic playin wif fukoin shoitty kool tone.

doesn’t sound? as good… maybe he wasnt trying.

@pikachusDeMoN Hahaha!!?

Guys, check? out Alejandro Lofig version of this song, you’re gonna like it!

from 0:00 to 2:10 joe sleeping? and dreaming of something
2:15 joe :o h sh1t im on stage!!”

his mind was busy by the way on this time!

What’s the name of the model he’s playing here ??

@fourbypete Really? Faster maybe (Joe can do that too, but it’s about the music, not about speed, that’s? why he does it slower, sounds better) but certainly not cleaner! Joe is the master. The korean girl is young and could be great if she grows up and understand music better.

i really dont see any mistakes in this video. but if you listen closely it sounds like hes not feeling the music. hes just doing some? muted notes and MUCH different patterns than he usualy does for this song.
I think hes playing “surfing with the alien” style. with crazy bends, mutes, and skipping patterns.
so its not mistakes.


This is actually? the first video where I saw him playing with some mistakes. Proves he’s human afterall

Fair enough superdudee. Slack has been? cut.

So… being critical is bad? Plum.. he makes a great living off people expecting him to be amazing. He sort of hacked one of his easier songs. I simply have very high expectations of those who put themselves out there as being one of the best. I think? that’s fair. By the way, it’s “You’re an asshole”, not “Your a asshole”. You managed to blow 2 of the 3 words in your phrase. Nice work.

@dalprad Dude, not everybody’s perfect, just because he made a couple of mistakes doesn’t mean the worlds going to end, everybody’s entitled to a few mistakes, even Joe Satriani, you? never stop learning so just cut him some slack.

maybe he just woke up,and did not have? any warm up..that what happens..all good guitar players knows that..

The best!!!
I think? that he uses SpringNO in the guitars, because a lot of Ibanez artists use it.

I used to love Joe Satriani and all his music until I saw a 12 year old? Korean girl play Always with me, Always with you.
Now I just feel useless and pathetic. I’ve been playing for 23 years and still can’t play as good as either of them!
In fact I think the Korean girl plays it faster and cleaner than Joe!
Damn!, I have to find a new purpose in life!

Well, we all have those days where we’re not feeling it and the tone is probably just the recording. looks like someone’s cell phone or camcorder. Not like he’s plugged into? the soundboard.

Sounds like a bad guitar? tone and cold fingers.

he torrented the? backing track lol

Dalprad? your a asshole

I don’t think Joe should ever make mistakes on a song like this. All the comments about he’s only human or whatever…what he is supposed to be is professional musician who can at the very? least master his own songs. Of COURSE he can play better than any one commenting on this post including me.. but I don’t charge people money to watch me play or buy my music. No excuse. Get your chops up Joe. You are supposed to be one of the best.

Even on a? bad day he’s still about a billion times better than me :(

Ganz rather someone can explain me the hell happened here?? past drug is safe, he could not aver played well as the audio input of the guitar is bad?

@ZYVZX I noticed? that too! lol

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