Jethro Tull – Life is a long song

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Band a part… Ian Anderson – flutes, vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica Martin Barre – electric guitar Doane Perry – drums and percussion Andrew Giddings – keyboards, accordion Jonathan Noyce – bass guitar
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With every passing year , I become more grateful that I grew up listening to this. It just gets better and better. I pity the young aspiring musician growing up today having to weed through the garbage that passes for music today.

….and this is Perfection at it’s very finest…yes, this is how it’s done.

this is how you arrange strings.

Life is a long song, and friend you proved it, bless you for the decades of unmatchable innovation and dedication. Others say it, but I am your number one fan. It was my dream to meet Frank Zappa, but that isn’t gonna happen, now my dream is to meet you and have a pepper eating session coupled by a sip of tea while having a quiet conversation and possibly a live tune or two by you, my hero!!!

I had heard he lost his singing voice…. but he sounds wonderful here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My father often heard Jethro Tull when i was five or six, now I’m thirteen and already was on four live concerts! :)

He needs to become a SIR. If he haven’t already and I am so out of this world.
Really. He shaped the Rock Music by so much.


Goosebumps. Terrific..

@khashayar44 I feel he has an attitude and I feel that Ian feels that too!!!

Só quem pisa no barro e tem sangue quente sabe o valor de um trabalho destes………parabéns Ian , quando vier ao Brasil , saiba, que tem gente aqui, e que sente prazer de viver quando ouve tua voz em teu trabalho.
Por Deus … obrigado!

A Great Version Of a Beautiful Song! ;o)

A Great Version Of a Beautiful Song! ;o)

This is almost too beautiful. wow.

That guy on the drum is Ian’s son.

@campocal yeah…its “LIVING WITH THE PAST”

“Mature Rock”, and this guy is never too old!

great music – great setting- great cellist

amazing….. what a great artist Ian is…

The master and his musicians play the music of our life: sublime…..

@saulo07 > But? the tune ends too soon for us all…

not at all; life’s too long, as the lemming said.

Ian. Genius. Out.

@rolynstone48 Well said! So true…unspeakable talent that unites all Tull fans in an unspoken kind of reverence.

somebody can help me to find this dvd title ? tks

@Pmmugitus Ya , me too, yaaaa the memory of joy

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