Jessie J Ft. BOB – Price Tag – Guitar Cover

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Jessie J Ft. BOB- Price Tag – Guitar Cover
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C00l Strumming ..i will learn that soon..hahaha

omg ur amazing do u have anymore XD u blew my mind

@C0verz1tUp theres an open chord version its just C, Em, Am, F all the way through capo on 5th fret theres a lesson showing it just search fro jessie j b.ob price tag guitar tutorial (for beginers)

Shit theres bar chords :(

2:55 =))

2:55 =))

pretty easy

@ctylover1997 CORRECT!!! :D

nice strum.. teach mo how to do that .. :D

nice strum.. teach mo how you do that .. :D

cool cool cool strumming!!!

Seriously awesome strumming there, keep it up! :)

the dislike bar is the size of justin beibers penis

I’ve been playing guitar since I was 10 and i am 16 now and i cant do that strumming T____T

this is awesome :)

wooww… ur so cool :D

i love your guitar… <3

Very nice , good jam, thanks for the chords and inspiration ; )

I like watching you play guitar.I watched all the videos of you.What is your name.


That was super! Your video helped me out alot.

i like ;)

what’s the strumming pattern?

u have the same guitar as mee ;)

@Ducky4v3ng3r F Am Dm Bb? F + why don’t you just search the over the internet. there are lots of websites! Good luck :)

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