Jerry Cantrell talks Dean Guitars

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Interview with Jerry Cantrell talking about using Dean guitars.
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Jerry, he’s the fucking coolest!!

Not gonna lie, I’d party naked with him.

@kps142 man, I really laughed when I read this.

In this interview, I love how whenever Jerry says “yeah” he just grunts,lol.

jerry’s laugh literally always makes me laugh

@TheBillStickers nice Alice in Wonderful

@TheBillStickers nice Alice in Wonderland reference.


@skrape110 I know, but leaving a comment is either for fun or for stoking controversy. I went for fun.
I’ll take the C and make it Callooh Callay and have a frabjous day! :D

except she said i think i’ll GO

nice try though trying to make it dirtier, i’ll give you a C for effort

she spent the next day washing the ‘grunge’ out of her hair…

jerry finished that chick…

“I think I’ll ‘come’”
“All right, fair enough…”
xD jus let that double entendre sink in…

there are so many things wrong with this post, i don’t know where to start

This would be so much better if layne was standing there in the interview as well…

well…I’m pretty sure Jerry used Guild acoustics in unplugged, but I bet yours is pretty badass

hahaha!!!! Jerry’s hiting on the asian chick, funny!

hahaha!!!! Jerry’s hiting on the asian chick, funny!

I want both of those guitars..

yeah. G & L are making a Jerry tribute Rampage guitar. he also plays Fender 72 Telecaster Deluxes

I use Dean Acoustic guitars. The one I have looks a lot like the one Jerry used in Alice in Chains Unplugged but I have no idea if it’s the same kind or not. But Jerry, he is so funny and hot!!!! I would give anything to meet him!

dean guitars are so over rated

jerrys tryin so hard to find somthing to say about dean. they’re good guitars but hes almost never seen playing them

doesnt jerry plays G&L and Gibosn?

wow, he already know

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