James Taylor “A Glimpse Into the Vault”—Carnegie Hall, 6 of 9

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In advance of his “Guitar Conversations” concert on May possibly 6 at Carnegie Hall, James Taylor takes us on a rare tour of his guitar vault. A walk back in time for the artist, he introduces the guitars that helped generate the excellent songs—”Fire and Rain,” “Do not Let Me Be Lonely Tonight,” “Something in the Way She Moves”—that have created him one of the most beloved artists of our time. More info on “James Taylor: Guitar Conversations” is available at www.carnegiehall.org Much more info on James Taylor’s Perspectives at Carnegie Hall is available at www.carnegiehall.org

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to everyone … i truly mean no disrespect to JT. he’s one of my heroes. i mean no disrespect to anyone else here. i’ve been a fairly serious collector of guitars for a few decades and this isn’t only my opinion …

i also have spent A LOT of time in professional studios with professional musicians … and still do … it’s how i make a living … and i even get paid for playing myself.

i have the deepest respect for JT

as for a guitar lasting 300 years … well, none of us will ever know.

But you can be right and believe I am just dead wrong here. Im fine with that. And hey, if you have an old worn out early 50s Gibson laying around, I know where you can get rid of it! If it’s early 40s or late 30s, all the better! And especially if it has just had the holy crap played out of it for all those years!

Really. A guitar may go out of fashion to the ear of someone who has played it a lot and gotten new, or for that matter, new old guitars. But wear out? Nah. What abuse does is a different matter.And this is pretty much the consensus amongst studio musicians and engineers whose ability to critically listen even James Taylor depends on.

@1942LG2 Really ? Even when you’re playing a gig a night thru decades, throughout five continents ? Picking them from way below zero temperatures at the luggage plane’s compartiments to 100-plus ºF inside overcrowded arenas ? Wow…

Feel free to duplicate the keys to that guitar vault for me at anytime. I would take care of these guitars free of charge!! I will pet them and play em’ night and day no problem, I have plenty of time to do that. Also I might be able to provide the strings and humidifiers if I sell a few of my guitars.

well maintained, they don’t wear out.

listen to what he say’s “guitars don’t last that long on the road” if you look after a acoustic guitar properly, it will last you a life time and get better with age, keep it humidified and don’t knock it about, and always keep it in it’s case and you will have no problems james

A wonderful collection of memories and fine playing guitars love them as well as your music thanks you

@Cortisol: I hate to disagree with you but I also have to agree with JT. I still have a beautiful 1961 Solar Gonzalez Classic guitar, however, the tone or voice has sadly softened, the neck is warping and the action is much high than it use to be. It has always been in a case and has also received a few knocks over the past 50 years.

Wow… always interesting nitpicking in the comments of youtube videos.
A musical legend casually talks about guitars in front of a camera and all we have to say around here is….” hey, wait a minute, guitars don’t ‘wear out’, thats not technically accurate”… love to see you all give good and 100% accurate press all the time. I guess we should heap shame on the producers of the video. They should have done a retake and chided him for saying that…incredible.

Guitars don’t wear out per se, but I would be hard pressed to believe a steel string guitar 300 years down the road would still have function well, prewar martins and gibson are definitely amazing instruments but with 160lbs of stress pulling up on em for a few hundred years, I just can’t see em holding up. If a guitar does hold up that long without heavy maintenance my guess would be it is massively overbuilt, just my opinion.

I have heard that guitars get better with age. But when one of the greatest ever says they don’t hold up well as compared to other insturments, I think I take him at his word. And if you actually listen to what he’s saying it’s not that they just quit working, it’s that they don’t seem to last as long as the Chello or the Violin, but his 1950 Gib was in good condition. I think what he said was right on.


and me?

pretty much the same friend …
except my songs are far more famous than me.
guitars don’t wear out. in fact, all my pre-war and mid-war guitars simply kill my new collings and lowden guitars in critical studio applications.
again, i love JT … and you’re right! he has given the world some beautiful songs through the years …personally, i think there is a huge “wink” going on with james and this comment. this is NOT a slam of James Taylor … guitars don’t wear out

@1942LG2 Lemme see, James Taylor, world-famous recording musician with a vault of amazing guitars; a man who has written and performed songs that millions upon millions of people can sing by heart; a man who has been performing steadily for something over 40 years; a man who has name recognition in probably every country on the globe.

And you?

Love James … But guitars wearing out? He’s either laughing under his breath or he’s had a little too much of something through the years …

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