Iron Maiden – Run to the Hills – How to Play on Guitar – Heavy Metal Guitar Lessons

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When doing the gallop, what strings do I strum and what are the frets?

@multiredq Practise the triple note galloping

@bmalle12513 It’s not telecaster, it’s a NOCASTER. :)

i got 5 weeks to learn this song please help me!

iron maiden is fucking sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the lower guitar plays power chords

@guitarneverdies99 at?

i dont get it hes teaching it too fast =[

@aido1987 he did shave in one of the video…

Does anyone think that he reminds you of Paul Rudd in anchorman?

hey marty can you teach prowler from iron maiden? please



dude the song is sick! nice!!!

run to the hills is so fucking genius

i’m having trouble seeing which frets he puts his fingers at. it would help it that would be said in the vid or comments or description

Nice vid man. Thx

@Illyriametal exactly

@aido1987 just like lemmy and his stache

papa staches guitar playing power comes from his moustache. kinda like that guy sampson in the bible. if he shaved it off he would lose all of his skill

u need to do the legacy or for the greater good of God or hallowed be thy name

pause at 00:10 to laugh

nice singing lol

Do they have a bending and picking lesson? my bending is veerry bad, and picking even worse.. im a huge beginner


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