Inside Collings Guitars: “Instrumental” by Tim Edwards

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Visit us on-line at Filmmaker Tim Edwards takes an inside look at Collings Guitars with his new documentary “Instrumental” (2010). The 12 minute film takes us into the heart of Collings’ culture, touching on everything from Bill’s inspiration to build his initial guitars to his achievement as an internationally recognized luthier. Exclusive interviews with shop staff and Collings loyalists give insight into Bill’s determination to develop the world’s finest guitars and mandolins.

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when he said that it was going to be a under 500$ guitar i felt kinda bad cuz that was just what i was hoping a half decent guitar woud cost

please make a $500 guitar!

please make a $500 guitar!

i love it dude. you guys wanna give me a job? im building my first semi hollow body now. i live up in washington. i will move down there man.

@usagora Yep.

@crunkykong “pretentious” is more the word

Love acoustic guitars! especially Avijit Das’s music (he has some videos on Youtube.)

Thumbs up if you agree that guitar are the best instruments =P

Cool video.

@crunkykong I think the Collings guitars are very interesting; but dollar for dollar, you can have a guitar that 5 or 10 people each made their part of the guitar, or (same money) you can have a guitar that one master luthier made.
The luthier of one of my Pimentels has a guitar in the Smithsonian Institute; his son (who made my steel string) made The New Mexico State Guitar. Now, for the same money, which piece of history do you want to own.
(Nothing against the Collings guitar, to be sure)

@goatman069 Pretty tawdry comment, don’t you think?

Interesting, but I’ll stay with my handmade Pimentel guitars, from Albuquerque NM. Hand made, one at a time, by one luthier; start to finish.

thanks Bill, for not playing the guitar….your expertise in making the guitar was a great contribution to music…

Hi guys i did a cover of an fingerstyle arrangement of Wonderful Tonight (Ulli Boegershausen version) please check it out,? it’s called (Eric Clapton) Wonderful Tonight – Rees

I like the Robert Earl Keen sticker on the guitar case in the background at the end of the video.

Bill is a really nice and cool guy (:

Bill is a really cool and nice guy :)

Awesome video! These guys have the best jobs :)

I can’t wait for my D1avSbVar. Feb 2012.

I have a Collings OM and a Taylor 912 cutaway.
The Collings is much more stable in my area (Colorado) with dry air for much of the year. The Collings does not take anywhere near the amount of babysitting that the Taylor needs with humidification.
The Collings has a wonderful rich and bright quality, tones blend nicely. The Taylor is more “muddy” and just doesn’t jump out.
Love my Collings.

Truly amazing spirit!!!…no wonder he can create such great instruments!!!!!

I’m diggin’ the ’34 Ford project in the background. I’m also diggin’ my D2H.

go take the taylor factory tour…and see how much more collings is hands on..

my collings guitar…….is amazing….and he’s the reason…

Collings’ opinion on how the CNC machines can produce a guitar shaped object but that a great playing instrument would need human manipulation is really insightful. But to be honest, the fact that he says that a wood that he qualifies as not being up to par at the beginning of the video can be used to produce a 500 or 1000$ guitar worries me that almost all of my guitars are doomed to be low quality instruments in the end :(

I really like this man’s thoughts on building instruments. I wish there were more people like him out there

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