Impending Death of the Virgin Spirit

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This is the greatest tune ever written for acoustic guitar, IMO. Written by Will Ackerman Performed by Adam Werner & Michael Manring (LIVE)
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@bravehearts66 “This music utterly pierced my heart’.
As it did mine. One most crisp, emotionally stirring pieces ever written for an acoustic guitar. If a guitar cried, this is how it sounds.

@mackymaca Totally agree. This is the best I’ve heard, other than the original. You feel the ache, the tears, streaming from the strings.
I would have loved to have been there for that show!
Major kudos to both Adam & Mike.

i picture myself…alone…in a dim lighted room…a cigarette lit…a snowy day outside…a couch..and im sitting on it..peacfully…the fire slowly burning in the chimeny…nature is all around you….and all you can do is sit..and listen to this beautiful, up lifting, gorgeous piece of ART..

truly beautiful honor to the originator of this song ….. m a s t e r f u l ..

@Semimentalman2 The first model of that bass comes in yellow.

It’s called the Hyperbass created by Michael Manring and Zon Guitars.

@Semimentalman2 ? manring normally plays Zon. you’d have to research more to figure out what model though. still looks like a Zon

Nope! First time for that to happen with me Tanya! Thanx!!!

Aha! wow… and now, here we are, you and me now talking about you and him for a show? .. Have you ever done that?

This is a very moving peice of music, an extraordinary contribution from michael manring…..the thing that gets me the most is the sentiment behind the song….why it was written…if its true – Will Ackerman wrote this about his mother who commited suicide…..when i read this i found it very very hard to listen to the peice again……Really Phenomenal!XX

It’s a Zon bass, he’s famous for using them in a very creative way. He also uses piccolo strings in some other videos to get even more intresting sounds.

no. not the player. the bass?

Michael Manring

anyone know the name of the fretless bass guitar?

ZON bass I believe- I saw him at a small music store promoting them. There were less than twenty people there. Manring is unreal good.

beautiful…I also love the fact that you are playing it in the slow tempo…the song sounds even more beautiful when played slow :)

i really like that bass

Simply awesome.

This peice is genius as it is so simple and beautiful. The genius is in the unique tuning which I’ve not come across before.

I am speechless.

if i could cry i’d do it, unfortunately a mass dehidration that i sufered when i was 17 made my body to not produce water ever again so if you dont post this to another 10 videos like this i’ll hunt you down and eat your all the water from your refrigerator lololololol just kidding ya guys awesome tune………….

I’ve played guitar for 25 years and when I heard this piece I balled like a baby. The most beautiful acoustic piece I have ever heard. This music utterly pierced my heart.

en e-bow

Beautiful. I don’t usually view covers, but the playing and the emotion touched my heart. Thank you.

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