Igor Presnyakov – Billie Jean

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itunes.apple.com check Igor’s new site : www.igorpresnyakov.com Billie Jean . Arranged and performed by Igor Presnyakov . * 2009 The Netherlands
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Sungha Jung has 50 Youtube accounts… -.-’

igor?? mother of god?!

50 dislikes ….. Sungha Jung and his friends :) ))))

Why is the deaf watching this? we got a proof though 50 ppl disliked this :S

Very? Good

oh my god!


Wow , threw my speakers cause its so bad

Very Good
Igor Presnyakov

R.I.P MJ :’(

fds estou maluco com este gajo….

I thought I was a good musician… I sold my guitar

mindfuck play

watch?v=BPcL5kTHX-w&t=2m50s How? :o Great!


Meanwhile in Russia…

You is the man!


What would be if he started moonwalking while playing?

i would love to be his neighbour

0:07 mmmmmmmmmmhmmmm thats right

0:56 t0 0:59 i mean

:56 to :59

*knods head up and and down slowly*

this deserves so many more views.

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