Ibanez Xiphos

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The new Ibanez .

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wow!great sound!

this guitar is fuckin me :s i love this shhhhhhit :s

@codenamemoron lololol, like the sarcasm. :p

i got one for sale with hardcase for 425

That guitar, made for “metal”? I don’t believe a word of it. I’m sure George Benson is plunking away on one right now.

@MrLouisl78 400 to 900 depending on the model

How much is this?

Kinda lame why it has rosewood, I think a blank ebony board would be sick for this guitar. In a non color-changing finish.

Just got this guitar used in black for $300. it’s usually $900 on MF Awesome sound, awesome tuning stability, and an amazing look! -Kenton 99stitches(DOT)webs(DOT)com

@punkdude1994 glad to hear i helped.

yeah, some time ago Ibanez had a Prestige with EMGs but they removed it, sadly. i was pissed when i heard about it. but these new RGA’s with EMGs make up for it pretty much, IMO. beautiful guitars.

if i didn’t already have an EMG-equipped RG, i’d get one of them. but if i want a new guitar, it needs to be a different guitar than i have already so i’m going with the Xiphos.

@TheMetalHeaD256 thanks alot for this suggestion , i dont know ibanez had guitars with emg’s :) , anyway this guitar fits what i want in a guitar , thanks alot ! gonna get this one if i found it in the store :D

@punkdude1994 hmm… you know you might consider buying the Ibanez RGA72TQME instead. (yeah it’s a mouthful). look that up on Ibanez’s website. it’s got a set-neck which i’m sure is just as good as the Xiphos’, it’s mahogany and has the EMG 81/85. definitely something to consider if you don’t like D Activators.

@TheMetalHeaD256 after alot of research , the pickups in the end i am going for are the EMG 81/85 s , anyway thanks for replying , i will maybe get the xiphos but have EMGs installed on him , since i like the guitar , and alot of people tell that it plays great and the neck is smooth :P

@punkdude1994 nah, man. these pickups have almost too much bass, IMO. they covered that up in the video with how saturated the tone is. but the pickups on this guitar are based off of the EMG 85s, i’m almost sure of it. the 85 has a lot of bass to it.

i played this guitar in a store on an Orange amp, and i had the bass at about 3-4, yet it still had a LOT of low-end. it’s not crisp and crunchy like an EMG 81. it’s more clear and fat like an 85. if anything, it kinda lacks treble.

@Aoimusha412 yeah i agree they’re a different sound than the EMG 81. i think they’re actually based off of the EMG 85s. if you put an 85 in the bridge, you’ll get something like the Xiphos’ sound. especially in a mahogany body.

Holy fuck this is the best i’ve seen Paul play! those divebombs and harmonics were crazy. and that clean run sound like a very storytelling ballad.

im in love with this guitar

@RedShogun13 the sound man, the Harmonic whammybar scream thing :P
sameee dudeee I’m so getting one


Idk if you’re talking about the playing or the sound but I feel that way about the guitar sound,. I’m definetely going to look into getting this guitar.

3:32 – 3:37
OH MY GOD i fucking watched that bit 29 times!!! that is fucking GORGEOUS !!!

@TomahawkLauncher your trem could be fucked up dude. get it checked out by a luthier

Right. Why the hell am I unable to pull up on my Xiphos. I cant make it flutter or anything. Fucking infuriating.

as if it came from the iceman! hahaha
its based on chucks guitar

I have this guitar and love it, pickups are too muddy though and nowhere near as articulate and clear/crisp as emgs. Unless your metal is in like E# standard, swap em. “the X that marks the spot” lol XD

@NotSoClose001 doesnt the pickups lack bass ? , this guitar is perfect , but ive got very negative reviews about its pickups , i am the type that loves EMG pickups

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