Ibanez Universe 20th Anniversary Reissue

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Steve talks about the origins of the Ibanez Universe 7-string guitar, and introduces the 20th Anniversary Reissue!

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@WoWintosh Funny how he said Korn :P

@dhirmo15 he is GOD !!!!

D’oh! I noticed that just seconds after I posted the comment. However, when I heard the progressive heavy music, the first thing that popped into my head was DT.

Is He Gay?

passion and warfare vais best album by far

“now there will only be two guitars made in the entire world, one for the winner, and one for me. Because I’m steve vai” XD

Could just listen to Vai talking about building and customizing guitars for hours!

@FMSClancy Animals as Leaders… amazing band!!

Needs to listen to some Animals as Leaders.

@rodolfogomez25 Erotic Nightmares

@WoWintosh It was Korn Actually

hey whats the name of the song in the beginig???

Steve is so awesome, seems like someone who would be like a really laid back chill highschool music teacher or something haha

such an intelligent and well spoken man.

that guitar is just so fucking sexy!

Love vai and love all jems (L)

@Ps3capt “The Riddle” from Passion & Warfare album.

One of his 7 strings is in the hard rock cafe in surfers paradise

@Ohiomagic54 no, but it’s not hard to see where you got that lol

I had a dream one night that I was playing one of those guitars. Great guitar!

@Ohiomagic54 I don’t know ! He has sex with guitars ! Is that gay ?


whts the song call at the begging of the video

dude!!! its $7000. they’re crazy!!!

so great !!!! totally unique steve !!!!!!!

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