Ibanez TS808HW Tubescreamer

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www.ProGuitarShop.com -The Ibanez TS808HW Hand Wired Tube Screamer is an all point to point screamer wired with Mogami cable. Very restricted run indicates these won’t last. Get the real deal, the Ibanez TS808HW Hand Wired Tube Screamer.

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350 $ ???
come on!!! we can get a blues junior fender amp for that price
great pedal
weird pricing

I think the Green Rhino is more versatile, arguably “better” depending on what you are going for.


Clearer, richer, lush organic tone, with much improved equalization! Deeper bass, less treble in the highs, to help cure ice pick tone. Refined, slightly toned down mids. Any way you cut it, this is the only tube screamer pedal really worth it to invest big money in it. Otherwise, people should just get a Behringer TO800 for only 40.00, it’s the same thing as all the other tube screamer clones, for much better value, only sacrifices pedal construction quality, not tone.

i jizzed my pants hearing this :o but ddamnnnnn! 350$ is expensive…if i had the money id buy it haha

@gaaramonkeyx have to disagree. I ab’d them both side by side for over 2 hours and wow. The TS808hw is much more transparent and crystal clear. I am sure it depends on the amp you are using but teh TS808hw is much better.

@ProGuitarShopDemos oops you still have the 20ft cable my bad

@timijai22 Get the standard 808. Barely any difference between that and the HW, even for audiophiles it’s not worth it. Unless you are ridiculously rich of course! lol

Question – I’m pullin’ an SRV here and I wanna use two tube screamers, obviously for different tones. I have a TS9, and I’m pretty happy with the tones I can get out of it, but I can’t decide which I should get as a second pedal – the TS808, or the TS808HW. I can hear the tones you’re getting here in this demo, but is there really a big difference between the two?

@badman5551 yea i play for at least a couple hours a day and the battery has lasted months

I notice the pedal doesn’t have the best parts inside!! for example, I would choose a Wima or Panasonic cap over those green caps! I would also use better quailty ‘Metal film’ resisters, this handwired Ibanez is not a bad pedal at all! but I just think for what your paying, you should get the best parts!

You can build a blues breaker pedal, I think GGG pedals do a kit? don’t bother with re-issues etc.

Its better to build one your sell and save loads of money!! plus you get to choose what goes in the pedal! decent capacitors etc and they don’t cost the earth!! ive made some pedals and they sound as good or better than these overpriced company products! unless you really want the brandname on your pedal??

How does this compare to Maxon’s top offerings? (ie. True tube overdrive, etc)

just remember, a tubescreamer will sound great with amps that aren’t totally abundant with mids. like this DRRI. with something like a marshall or an orange though, it can be overkill adding gobs of mids to a signal already saturated with mids.


IM a love struck baby i must confess…

i love this pedal. i have this and a TS9. this one sounds a lot better. plus it’s cool if you’re simply into limited edition stuff, like me. i’d probably never gig this pedal, and would use my TS9. it’s just nice to play and look at.

@arekceg The current Bluesbreaker might be crap, but the firsts edition is fantastic. I’ve had one since it came out and it is the perfect mild overdrive.

its funny that you can build this pedal for about 35 dollars yourself :D
this one looks awesome though!

@guitarthroat Yeah bud, it’s far and away better sounding. It is as you say, more transparent and just all around much better. This is a pedal that you will buy once and keep forever. This is the catch: it makes you wanna keep on playing and not stop! That only happens when you have something really good.

@sillydillydokieo Wow man, that’s a major bummer. Good luck.

@radomu1 Maybe you should petition the Hoshino Gakki (Ibanez) corporation to just make their production employees work for free or stop trying to produce profit from their sales because you’re a cheap fuck. If you don’t like this, don’t buy it. But it sounds to me like you’d like to own this and are too cheap to buy it because you think everything should be cheap or free. Well, this is capitalism and people need to get paid for the goods and labor they produce.

@radomu1 If somebody built this by hand, they need to get paid to do the work they do. I’m not sure what planet you live on, but The standard 808 reissue is $170 and it is made by automated, mass-production methods. I’m an engineer for G.E. and hand soldering is a tedious and time consuming thing if you want quality. The cost difference from the standard to this is because you had to pay labor and still turn a profit from its sale. Do you work for free? Should Ibanez employees?

@cbappa2 Yeah, the two original 808′s I bought in 1983 new. They are beat up, but work as good as the day I bought them. So you shell out $350 for this. If it lasts 27 years, who cares? People who are saying it’s overpriced bullshit must not work in manufacturing. If you paid a worker $15 an hour to build this for 5 hours, theres $75 right there. The standard reissue is around $170. So paying the extra cash is reasonable, the build quality on this is first-rate. It is made to last.

@willievega I’ve got 2 of the original TS-808′s I bought new in the early 80′s and I recently bought this. It’s worth EVERY penny. In a way it makes me disappointed though. Because you see how much better hand-made quality is VS Chinese mass-produced garbage these days. I’d rather pay more for quality than save a $100 and have sub-standard bullshit. I actually like the HW 808 more than my original 808′s. It is more smooth and transparent.

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