Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer

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A review of the TS-9 Tube Screamer
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OMFG, I was doubting if I should buy this pedal.
Now I know it has an instruction manual ooh, I’m gonna buy it !

@overlook77 Sweet fucking baby jesus! You shouldn’t even joke about shit like that!

hes toasted.

im guessing this guy doesnt know the difference between Overdrive and Distortion… haha great sounding pedal though

@StratmanHSS hahahahahahahaha

@Wayavas1337 lol this was in no way serious at all i am a pothead musician as well an i have black relatives

@simonklemesruddaly your ignorance seems to match your racism

@Wayavas1337 pot doesnt effect black people lol


@simonklemesruddaly what about jimi hendrix?

its a fucking overdrive pedal for christ sake, not a distortion pedal

I’ve never seen a demo where they open the box… Plus technically this is an overdrive pedal not distortion, may be nit picky but him calling it that really bothers me

Damn. I was expecting him to crack open the battery and show us how it works before he demoed the pedal…

he plays good for a pot head

Great video, good use of trying different things and the A/B is nice. And for fuck sake (after reading many comments), what the hell is wrong with looking at instructions. Go look at any “unboxing” video: they do it; he does this and a great demo as well. And he plays well, and is a good reviewer. Why would someone have a problem with this guy?

Is this suppose to go through the effects loop? I tried and it just made everything sound muffled. I use my ts9 the “metal” way by already having gain on the channel then throwing the ts9 over it. Can anyone help me?

This guy is a legend.

What if you woke up tomorrow and every human on earth was this guy.

SRV and Mike Mccready, my guitar heroes are in that artist list

Who gives a shit about the manual. I am 13 years old and when i got my first pedal i didnt have to look at the damn manual to know how to change the battery, besides who uses batteries. Power supplies are so much better and in the end are cheaper

this guy is crazy pushes the pedal aside and reads the fucking manual

I hate this guy lol…

let’s get a look at the pedal…….and then he gets the instruction manual!!! :D who gives a crap! throw it in the garbage or eat it!

@kw1ksh0t You should not be a person.

@mrguitarman1995 all distortion does is hide mistakes, its all about the overdrive man!

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