Ibanez SM7 Smash Box distortion pedal demo

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A great yet cheap pedal from Ibanez. Played trough a Vox tonelab ST (just added a bit of hall reverb and speaker simultation) The guitar I used for this test is an Ibanez RG320FM.
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Demoing with Slipknot and? Van Halen, win

@grimmer2005 lucky? bastard…

@otentas Its been working for two years? now, and if it would break i have spareparts.

@grimmer2005 no you? won’t , the spring will stop working well after a couple of months and you won’t be able to turn it on or off whenever you want…..

at? 0:39,actully

at? 0:40

I really like this pedal. Its much? better than for example marschall jackhammer. Its a keeper! And ill will be keeping mine for a long time :)

I LOVE this goddamn pedal.?

standard EADGBE

What is? your tuning?

@iLoveIbanez1 It shoul be Damage? Control by John Petrucci :)

How it`s named? the last solo?

thank you for your vid!! :D

this pedal sounds awesome in palm mute? ? or is this the guitar ?

@n0nili0n It runs on battery? on this vid. For home usage I use Rocktron ON-TAP.

what adapter are you using?

A great vid i? just got mine for 30 bucks new!

Come on, don’t say its good for a “cheap” pedal. This pedal could cost $200 and the value wouldn’t change. This pedal is? amazing!!!!! No down play because its cheap, its absolutely amazing!!!!


damage control, like that? lol..


Great tone from this little unit

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