Ibanez RG550XX (20th Anniversary) demo by Paul Gilbert

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Paul Gilbert demostrating the new Ibanez RG550XX, the 20th Anniversary model. Enjoy You can view this video at www.ibanez.com

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Nigel Tufnel: How much more metal could this be ?

Paul Gilbert: None…

*removes sunglasses*

…More metal.


It must be awesome to just call up ibanez and have them send you a guitar

4:30 tripppyyyyy as helllllllll…..

mor methal than black??? pink xd

Who’s Paul Gilbert? Kidding, kidding, he’s awesome. I miss arena rock.

It just awesome

did they auto tune his voice down lower?

@Destroyer858 AS DO I

The Black one is gorgeous


Nothing is more metal than black!

@Destroyer858 i have it, check my channel

@dmohr7 Low e? Yeah. It’s the high e that goes flat.

@dmohr7 yeas it does :)


I want the road flare red so bad

oi anyone here who has any locking tremelo?- i have a quick question if you over bend the low e does it still stay in tune ?and i mean really bend it

@alaanees I didnt mean that this guitar has bad sustain or sound, i meant that it has less then say a neck through body guitar. These guitars are great, I have played many S and SV guitars, and the sound is amazing (especially the pickups).

u are absolutly wrong about the sv ibanez
try to play it in music store
and u’ll notice the japanese mind how it works to make those awesome guitars

@alaanees i know what you mean, but since its a small body, the vibration of the strings leaves the body quicker, hence less sustain

mahagony body = nice tone

@alaanees small body = no tone

man those are nothing short of absolutely beautiful

s / sv series are way better than other models

What version of Tech. Difficulties is playing in the background ???

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