How to String an Electric Guitar For Dummies

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Changing strings on an electric guitar is a vital skill for any guitarist. This video lesson shows how to replace a string on your electric guitar, regardless of string brand or gauge, and get back to playing music.
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@asharma78901 also when i said what i said either way people would’ve said thumbs up so i helped you get more thumbs up or trying to so im sorry for being nice

@asharma78901 my god you cant take a joke you must be a serious person cause i was just kidding

buy a new guitar,no need to watch this.

@wallacecrumpton2 I dunno about the video, but I know your comment was a waste of time

@cmc47834 if you’re wondering how much slack to leave on the string, I measure out to the next peg or two fingers (fat fingers), and put a bend there to mark the location, then I put it through the peg, and wrap. also get a string winder (a dollar or two)

thumbs up if you think this was either helpful, or a waste of time

mine only wraps once.. can someone help

u just need to buy 1 new string…? by the sounds of things, I would bet that ur a beginner… So since ur a beginner, just buy a cheap string for now… shouldnt be anymore than $3… you dont have to buy a whole new set.

@XxJeremyTxX Yeh it does quite a bit, i walked to my friends last night (-4 degrees) with my guitar in my hand, when i got there the strings felt really tight i was way out of tune somehow. :)

because of this video i broke the strring i was trying to string. now i gotta go by a whole new pack. thanks a bunch to whoever made this video. it sucks dont listen to it

I asked my best friend to come over and show me how to restring my new strat and he just sent me this video. I have no friends, no true friends in the world. (This must be the kind of thing that drove the Howlin Wolf to sing the blues)

My high E string broke yesterday and i just put the strings on a week ago. I only had 1 or 2 windings though and i put the guitar in the back of my car while driving and it was cold, does coldness affect the strength of your strings? I don’t even know how to broke someone please answer.

help someone plz

ive been trying to tune my guitar. its a ibanez

when ever i try to wrap it it doesnt? even go around the knob once.. and it screws it up

i did everything in this vid and it didnt work. i bought a six pack of strings and wasted almost 3 packs

If I re-stringed each string a little more then one time around and it is in D standard would they fall off if i put it in B standard?

@jefferygibsonsg yeah my tuning posts broke. my guitar is really cheap lol. its all fixed now :)

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for some reason I can’t get on my own no matter what.


@KingOfDarkness1996 well, my acoustic no :(

@SuperAsspimple i didn’t even ask that

ok guitar repairman, ok. we know business may be a little slow due to the recession, but don’t try to discourage me, and force me to bring it in to you. LOL!

@SuperAsspimple its for dummies

@XxXRTWXxX speaker? its called an amplifier amp for short.

the holders? its called a nut

im going to be honest
none of these guitar re string videos help at all

it better if someone watches you doing it or someone else doing it for you
because im always busy and i can’t risk mistakes with my guitar

@dragonsGTO It is most likely the gears in the tuning pegs because if the strings were causing the problem they would break before it locked. Take the string off the tuning peg and take it apart and see if everything is working good if it is and still does it then have a professional to look at it.

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