How to Play TICKET TO RIDE by THE BEATLES ( Guitar Lesson ) WITH TABS

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100% FREE GUITAR LESSONS. This guitar lesson is about how to play “Ticket to Ride” by The Beatles, with tabs in the video. My guitar lesson website:

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Awesome tutorial….you’re an awesome teacher!

Note … The chord @ 1:39 should be a Gmaj7

how do you sing and play at the same time as plucking appreggio style while singing is fckin hard man

his voice sounds like sylers from Heros

BC – your lessons are always correct. Appreciate it. If you ever get to Minnesota I will buy you a beer!

you dont make sence JK

Great lesson, Bobby!! I learned a lot from it! Btw, do you have Facebook?



Muuuuito Bom!!! Parabéns…abraços do “Brazil”…

@gsstrings …..thanks, ok fixed :-)

@rfis2nasty Glad someone else can see this! Bob just trying to help keep it accurate.Never have problems with your tabs,please take a look its a very slight error.

can u do “ride on” solo by acdc…. id really appreciate it

i think in the short riff the note after the slide to 16 is the 15 fret on the second string not the 17th

Man you and Justin Sandercoe are the best teachers on line. You guys keep me motivated. Let me know if you need anything from North Carolina!!!

I love listening to this song over and over

Bobby just trying to point out one small error,the 5th note of the solo is the 15th fret not 17. I normally have no issues with your tabs their dead on. Great lessons I’ve learned more from you in the past 3 years than anywhere else in 20.

I love you Bobby Crispy!

@Aresftfun It’s awesome man!

thanks bobby need more beatles vids

Bob love the lessons,but check your tab on the 5th note its 15th fret not 17

playing all the way through first Bobby !!!!!!!! how many times we have to tell u this ? :D

Your like a fine wine Bobby. Better with age. Very nicely done Lesson.

you are great. please make more videos :-) . i play e guitar since 5 days hehe. but your videos are still great

you rock bro

@viceisthename I listened to it now. Not my favorite.

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