How to Play THE RAIN SONG by LED ZEPPLEIN ( 1 of 3 )

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100% FREE GUITAR LESSONS. This guitar lesson shows how to play “The Rain Song” by Led Zeppelin, with tabs in the video, and is part 1 of 3 videos. My guitar lesson website:
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Bobby, thanks a ton for posting this music, i’ve learned guitar from you. I love this song. God Bless you, im all day Sunday practicing this now.

ok u said to tune the 6th string down and i dont know when its the same as the 4th strung because it always sounds lower

You ROCK BOBBY! I LOVE THIS LESSON!!!! THANKS my northern bro!

great video though

was in full screen and nearly commented on how terrible your tab was, it confused me so much

that is a great guitar you got there
great video, this is my favorite song

finishes retuning to DGCGCD by ear at about 3:10; starts riff #1 at about 3:43

Dude. Thank you so much, I’ve been attempt to learn this off of numerous tabs, and music. I could never get it down right, never sounded good. This helped alot man, Thank you.

great lesson thx!

very helpful, thanks a lot !

The 2nd tab is a little wrong. But its easy enough to figure out. Thanks for the lesson.

Dude I Really Appreciate All Of Your Help….Your Are The Best Teacher Ever On Guitar!!

Dude, I gotta give credit where credit is due! Your Awesome. This is the first song I’m learning on the new Gibson Les Paul…Faded Cherry. Just Picked it up today. I’m lovin it. This song sounds good on this fine Guitar!

Peace Out Bobby…YOU ROCK!

yeah dude big ups for doing these teaching vids no doubt it takes a lot of time when you slow things down to a learning speed, and brilliant song choice i love how jim would play around with different tunnings, especially white summer/black mountain side

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Bob, shouldn’t the first two chords be 07070 and 06060?

Damit Bobby! Great lesson bro!
Welcome back! You were missed.

Thanks Bobby, Great lesson as usual,allways wanted to learn this Great song,
Thanks very much

Is there a way to tune this using only as tuner?

@master18666 ……I get bored of jamming very quickly….I’m very independent, and I like to figure out songs and arrange songs more than playing in a band :-)

I’m glad you changed your mind about doing lessons. Keep up the good work.

The tabs on the screen are kinda munged up. Is that. Is that a Firefox problem?

Awesome man. Thank You.

Bobby these videos are amazing but one question why haven’t you got a band you’re an awesome guitarist and if you have can we here some material of your own?

i dont like how u put the tabs i cant read them but nice playing

nice, thanks for posting.

your too dam good of a guitar instructor to stop… its good to see u back with all these vids

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