How to play Slash’s guitar solo from Patience by Guns and Roses

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Please show us the rest of patience marty!!! but thank u very much!!!!

Marty You Rock!!!!

Marty…YOU DA MAN!!
I’ve tried books and other authors videos and they are far too complicated even for a beginner. Love the way you look at each portion of the song and break it down in a easy to understand, easy to play system. I will be looking ONLY at your vids in the future. PLEASE keep posting.
Anyone reading this….please add Marty to your fav’s!!

thank you so much Marty…best teacher ever

i wanna be top comment for once? in my life!!!!!!!!!!

Marty,please can you teach us the entrire song? …not only the solo

marty, I need to pick up some lighter strings, what do you recommend?

Marty, you are one awesome teacher sir. Not only can you play but you’re a dope ass instructor. Thanks for cranking out them lessons, Good Times m/ m/

I just broke my high e.

That was really good thanks, and it did get a bit fast toward the end but since you play it first then break it down made a perfect stop and start reference learnt,tabbed in 30 mins 2 thumbs up can’t wait to see more

nice tut

that second bend is tighton electric guitar. owwie

Which strings are nice for bend on acoustic guitar? For electric?

happy bday slash

happy B day Slash!!

@catacata94 That is a good lesson, if it is fast for you, learn another song. You should start with the basics, practice, learn, and the time for soloing may come.

tuned down a half step.. :( next vid

@swagragepaul hahahahaha…

@catacata94 shut the fuck up dumbass !!

12 people got no patience

@swagragepaul its not that sorry but he plays to fast and its hard to keep up..soo if he would name every fret would me more easy. Am i right?? Thumbs up so swagragepaul can see :D

@catacata94 dont know what frets which aha fucking retard

name the fucking frets dont just play it……

wow really really good, with much feelings, better than the old video, great job ;)

marty please do the day that never comes

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