How to play- Silversun Pickups – Lazy Eye – Guitar Lesson

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Update: I finally posted part two– so check that out if you want… I love this song. hope this helps some people out there learn it. Check out this link for the real thing: I don’t have tab for it. but you can find it online i am sure. here are the lyrics: I’ve been waiting i’ve been waiting for this moment all my life but it’s not quite right and this ‘real’ it’s impossible if possible at who’s blind word so clear but so unheard i’ve been waiting i’ve been waiting for this silence all night long it’s just a matter of time to appear sad with the same ‘ol decent lazy eye fixed to rest on you aim free and so untrue everyone’s so intimately rearranged everyone can focus clearly with such shine everyone’s so intimately rearranged everyone can focus clearly with that shine lost and loaded still the same ‘ol decent lazy eye straight through your gaze that’s why i said i relate i said we relate it’s so fun to relate it’s the room the sun and the sky it’s the room the sun and the sky i’ve been waiting i’ve been waiting for this moment…

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great lesson, you remind me of quentin tarantino :D

You over explain everything dude.

You’re funny :)

Idk if you do request but can you plz put some more silversun pickups and some anthony green plz

Okay, I get it, Can I learn the song now?

awsome lesson dude luv the song!!!

wow man, this is by far the best guitar lesson i have ever seen online, and even ever had in person. thank you so much for posting this.

Awesome, man. Thanks

Thank you, I hope I can learn this. ;)

Just sayin, the bend is harder to get and doesn’t always sound is good, most wil be better off just hammering the nexy string.

really helpful talk faster though

@mkerrissey: really good stuff, you break it down really well. i think we’re all attracted to the guitar work on this song, amazed to see how much depth goes into such simple looking riffs. anyway, thanks again, looking forward to learning more from you.

i wasnt even holding my guitar while watching this i think i can already play it haha great lesson!!!

Nice Lesson

Awesome lesson! I really learned from this!

yes, i you talk that much… its impossible to put into one lesson

@McMcDrive Slowlier is not a word.

very very helpful. i actually tryed play a g chord on the 9th fret nd i relaized it sounded like lazy eye and i was right!! awesome lesson thanks a a bunch

nice lesson man..i posted my guitar cover on this song, plzz view & tell me how i did

This was really helpful! Especially since I was a piano player first and understand counts better then I do written tabs. I think your talking was great for people like me, explaining in terms of rhythm and counts made sense. Thanks!

capo second fret ringfinger 1ste string pinky second string 5th fret middelfinger third string 4th fret

speak a bit slowlier ^^

also instead of the string bend, you can slide your finger up to the 12th fret from the 11th fret on the A string. Its easier for me because it doesn’t mess with the E string. But nice video! As soon as I heard this song, I had to play it. This is the first video I saw. It immediately taught me how to play. But in the next video you may want to be a little clearer on what chords you are supposed to play.

um, your an awesome teacher man. :)

You must be more single, you must sepak less and play more.

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