How to Play I WALK THE LINE Intro by JOHNNY CASH ( Guitar Lesson ) WITH TABS

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100% FREE GUITAR LESSONS. This guitar lesson shows how to play the intro to “I Walk The Line” by Johnny Cash, with tabs in the video. My guitar lesson website:

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2 people never Walked The Line.

Hey Bob,that was awesome,i just got a guitar 3 weeks and and im lovin it,i got the start of that song in less that 2 hours thanks to you,,can i ask,,is that the strumming pattern for the song aswell??Cheers dude.

how do u do that? my dad is a BIG fan of Johnny Cash

this is a good lesson……thank you!

Is there a second part to this video?

Is your surname really Crispy?

can you do a video on Last resort by Papa Roach?

This was really great! Bobby you did a awesome job with the tabs and how you taught! I favorited and liked and will tell all my friends to go to you! Thanks agian!

thx thumbs up !!!!!

where is the capo 1st fret?

hey bobby, are you Canadian? (i’m just honestly curious!)

@muker123 no problemo :-) ….thanks!

hey Bob ive been a real ass… i apoligize for that btw awesome lesson!
thumbs up for you!

Bob, could you upload the tab for this song to your website? It’s not available

@skullythebloger im not playing with a pick and i find it a lot easyer try it it may be your soulution

@BobbyCrispy wow thanks sooo much

im new to playing, this has really helped me. I find it easier to play with my thumb when working on one string at a time. Once i get to the fourth string it gets kinda hard. Any suggestions on how to hold the pick?

this really helped thanks ; ]

@coolclay1 Well, it is a Gibson and i don’t want to ruin anything. I may practise on my first in-expensive guitar ( ESP LTD EC 50) though. But whats funny is that my ESP actually sounds better now cause there isn’t any problems with it. Nevertheless, when i will recieve my gibson after it’s set up is completed, it’ll sound 10x better =D

if you are adventurous do some research.. check if the you can adjust the rod in the neck possibly file the frets those are the most common fixes you can also try raising the strings at the bridge. Be prepared that it is possible to wreck your guitar but not if you are carefull regardless you may learn something.

Please keep up your great work. Someday, while playing on the beach for friends, one of them is going to ask me, “Who taught you guitar?” I’ll be proud to tell them, “Bobby….Bobby Crispy!”

thanks so much, your awesome!

holy shit! johnny cash is hiding a 420 reference in the tabs! lawl

thanks mate you are the best i would recamend to anyone

Cool. Why I have never learned an JC I’ll never know. I am 56 years young and love his music. Maybe I thought it was too simple, but a song like this is one of his signature songs. How about “Hey Porter”?? I would love to play that and hear you sing it!!!

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