how to play heartbeats by Jose Gonzales

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A detailed breakdown of this classic song with descriptions of where to place fingers, which strings to pick and when. For more great fingerpicking tutorials checkout my channel and subscribe to get all my future videos posted to your home page. If you would like to request another Jose Gonzales tutorial (or anybody else) either post in the comments or in my channel comments as i do read every comment.

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Great tutorial…Really well? explained:)

i dont know why? people go from 1 to 5 starting from the bottom instead of the top lol

@raver4lyfe16? how has it gone so far ?

This is fantastic. Love to see you take? a run at Stay in the Shade. Dropped D I think.

is the tab? anywhere??

really good so ,much better then other? tutorials out there

@raver4lyfe16 GOOD LUCK… that’s devotion to? your girl!


dude theres a bridge almost at the end, do you? know how to play that part?

Awesome! Thanks for explaining the tuning and the picking pattern so clearly. ?

Superb tutorial? man really was of benefit, good job and keep that shit up!

Superb tutorial man really was of benefit, ? good job and keep that shit up!

Got? some fret buzz going on there on the E string.

Where’s the bridge??

Great tutorial, you’re a? legend.

a very good Tutorial. It kinda doesnt sound right when i speed it up though.. the? note at the 3rd fret 3rd string , i seem to be unable to fit it in correctly S:

great tutorial man i was wondering if you could maybe do a tutorial of Steady? Rollin’ by Two Gallants. Its a great song and i cant find one anywhere. if you have the time of course peace

@MYn4m31sl0l Hey, he´s saying it right, before saying? stuff like that, be really sure about what you´re saying

Such a brilliant song!
Check out our FULL BAND ROCK VERSION of this song on? our channel!
Hopefully we’ve done it some justice!

ahh feels like? there is an extra note in the first riff it’s so annoying :(

I feel like there’s one too many notes one the first riff, so I’ve gone back and forth between about 8 different videos. That said, yours? was by far the most helpful in helping a bad guitar player learn something knew. Kudos dude.

thanks very much for your tutorials. easier to learn than from tab and more accurate than 90% of tabs out there. ? great audio and video quality too :)

Is? this tab correct G0liath1012, it seems pretty close, I just need to sort the rythm out now ;/.
mediafire. com/?sw7gwo6u13z2wco

Any chance you can write this down as a? tab please mate would appretiate it.

If you need help tuning the? guitar and you have the iPhone download Cleartune for tuning.

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